Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Casino Royale

Yes the title of this blog entry has nothing to do with Tri Training, but I did go and see the film last Sunday and jolly good it was too... Despite what I expected Daniel Craig playing bond did fit the 007 role very well, excellent in fact - a good action movie and one I'd recommend to 007 fans!!

So on to my tri (try being the operative word) training and first a summary of last week - although not great it was barely acceptable to be classed as a training week;

Swim: ?1200m 40' drills + pyramid (Sun)
Bike: 31km (Tue and Sat, small gear highish cadence ~90rpm)
Run: Sadly only 3km!!! Poor or what! (Thur post hcky training)
Strength: 1hr (Mon)
Hockey:2hr (Thu, Sat)

Not a great week, but at least I scrapped one session in each discipline. Bike much better with two spin sessions, one an hour long on Sat as hockey didn't give me an adequate enough work out. Got my swim in on Sunday at the local pool so no coach present. Set my own drills (ie those that I could remember!!)and then did a pyramid, 1,2,3,4,5,4,3,2,1 lengths of a 25m pool with 20' rest between. Not great distances but will use this as base and look to grow some more.

Due to work commitments and general randomness on my part I don't feel in any sort of routine at the moment to enable me to do the volume/ quality of training I'd like. Have spoken to my sporty knowledgable friend Claire about this and think I may have a plan of sorts. Will have to see if this works, am also still feeling that hockey is proving a distraction from what my goal is. So thinking of dropping the Thurs night hockey training session (not sure how this will go down with the coach!!), to enable me to pick up something else instead. Now I appreciate this won't necessarily add to the overall time spent training but at least I can be more happier that I'm following the schedule!! If that makes sense!?!?

Summary of last week then; interrupted by work commitments, did enough on the bike (gold star), maanged at least a session of swimming (could do better), and only one very small run (ignoring the hockey) - so this makes the run the must try harder category of last week!

Managed my swim session last night.... talk about lots of lenghts. I know I didn't follow the whole of the schedule set by the coach (which is just as well as it would have taken me until today to have finished it!), but did do lots and lots of lengths, drills and free resulting in sore arms and shoulders today. Given my "new" weekly training days schedule today has fortunately been my rest day (hurrah - genuine excuse for being lazy).

Not much more to add other then Muffin the cat caught me two mice on Sunday nice. Am now beginning to contemplate a tough sentance for him; catch one and the cat flap keeps you out! Can't be doing with two mice in the night (one live which I had to catch and send on a flying lesson back out the door, one dead) - just interrupts my sleep too much with his [the cat] celebratory cat singing. I know they are a present - but there's just no need at 3:30 and 5:30 in the morning!!! Hopefully none tonight!

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