Monday, December 25, 2006

Ho Ho Ho!

Merry Christmas!!! Tis the season to be jolly la la la.. or something like that eh? OK time to confess it's been nearly two weeks since my last blog and I think I can safely say there is a correlation between how much training I put in and how regularly I do my blog... you will gather therefore as I've been a little lax on the blog front I have also been lax on the training front. Lack of will power has seen me go to too many festive gatherings and consume the wrong type of hydration (ok more like right type of dehydration depending on your view!). Still Christmas comes but once a year... and I wasn't here last year (in the sense I wasn't in the UK) so I guess I've been making up for it.

I'll keep my training diary brief then (well I have little choice in that matter!)... The week of my last blog (starting 11th I think) I did err grand total of err 1 hour of training... yep shocking.. and that was on the Sunday. By the time I'd got to Wednesday 13th I'd been commuting for over 16hours, the next day I went to Ireland for a flying (social) visit so by the time I got to Friday I was well and truly pooped. Saturday I cleared off the Christmas shopping list so that left Sunday to go for a run... and suffer I did.. a week of living the high life and lots of travel took it out of my legs. So steady 9.5k in an hour (although did slightly beast myself for last 2k which I raced home in a little over 10mins).... On to the last week then (told you this wouldn't take long...)... Managed a good day on Monday, both strength session in the morning and swim session in the evening. The swim was as much of a nightmare as the previous days run had been. Felt more like a dead weight then a light flipping dolphin in the water! Still did my lengths... and then the week started to go down hill again, nothing Tuesday and another social occasion on Wednesday up in London again. Couldn't help myself (I evidently have the self control similar to the breaking strain of a kitkat)... so started on the champagne at 1pm (yes 1 in the afternoon) and it went from there... so that kinda wrote off Thursday really. Still managed to slightly recover my position by an hour on the turbo Friday and Saturday with an hour core stability work Saturday too. Blobbed out yesterday. So totals for last week a rather generous 5 hours, although I feel like I really barely did anything.

Still Christmas day is here and I give my body a present today - a nice steady hour run through the fields - will be doing that as soon as this blog is done. Hey and I've got some skins(tm) to try on. I've heard rave reviews for a long time about these in terms of aiding training/ performance. Never really that sure but have worn them for both bike sessions last week and had no muscle soreness at all after. So either they really are ace or I wasn't working hard enough!! ;o) You can take a look at the skins website here .

I actually have some time off work this week so have no excuse for missing my week training goal.... hold me to that one then!

OK so time to get out on to the roads and fields. Leaves me to say to anyone reading this I wish you and your family and friends a really happy and peaceful Christmas wherever you are. Especially those who have loved ones serving overseas either with the armed forces or serving a cause close to their hearts. Take care.

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