Thursday, December 28, 2006

Spring is on the way - honest

Yes - before Christmas we obviously had the winter solstice and so we're getting around 8hours of sunshine a day... well ok if you could see the Sun we would be - although I did hear someone say they saw it for an hour today... ;0) I have to say I missed it. The thing about winters here is there is nothing to them - neither too cold or too hot, just grey and very little sunshine. Well at least I don't live further north where they have next to no chance of any sun at all do you won't catch me anywhere in Scandinavia in the next few months eh ;o) ... but still as I said Spring is on the way - the birds are even in song in the morning already and yes there are the first sign of tulips, daffodils and the like coming out - but hey isn't this just all a little too early? Time will tell if they all get beaten back my some sort of winter that's not come yet. We have had a few days of minus temps all day (that was when the fog was here last week ), but that's about it.... not that I guess that I'm complaining as have to figure out far too many layers to wear when I run in the cold ;O)

OK - on to this week. Did a really nice run on Christmas Day. Later then usual I set off about 10am, without the santa outfit (which I did contemplate wearing)... met quite a few dog walkers all wrapped up. Hit the bridle ways of Finchampstead and had a really lovely 7.5k outing. That of course allowed me to indulge in the rest of the day! Excellent day too, over to Mum and Dads, brother, his wife, my two nephews (8yrs and 2mths), Nan, Aunt and Uncle - phew a busy day!

Took Tuesday off and took Dad's dog to the beach with some family friends. At least the dog got an excellent run around, think she's been flat out ever since!!!

Wednesday I took in a steady swim, some drills and a 400m (disappointingly still just over 9mins for that) in total about 1500m. Club training doesn't restart until next Wednesday so I would like to get a couple more swims in before that.

Today I took to my bike, could have risked the outside as it was brighter then it has been (still no clear skies), but the road was damp and slippery all day although a mild 8degrees. So didn't do it but caught 2 episodes of Alias (series 1 again) to get me through an hour or so on the bike. Did an easy 10mins warm up then 5*1k intervals with 1k easy, after that another 10k small gear cadence >90. So felt like that was a good workout.

The 'plan' for the rest of the week is 1-2 more swims, at least one run and I've entered a 2hour mtb orienteering event for Sunday. Now I've done some of these before and they're quite a laugh, although currently the weather forecast is not too funny looking!!! Still it will be entertaining if nothing else.... especially if the storms arrive as predicted.

Right that's it for now - and would you look at the time - well past my bedtime, I need my beauty sleep after all.

Oh yeah and Muffin the cat has also enjoyed his Christmas although he's really not getting into the exercise thing like his Ma - seems to be doing lots of stretching, cat snoring and eating. Well sounds like he's got really into the Christmas spirit!


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