Monday, March 12, 2007

Two step forwards and one step back

Rehabing is really quite frustrating sometimes isn't it.... but still I've had a good week despite work trying to spoil it ;o) oh and me dropping my laptop and smashing my infrared dongle thingy which uploads what I've done from my watch to my POLAR HR software diary thing.

So before I go on to give the low down on righty I'll quickly summarize the week... week T -3 (two more weeks to go before I start back with proper Training - BASE1!)....

Yippee! Managed to get back in the pool last week. Very tentative at first, spent some lengths with a kick board splashing my way up and down with the odd daring right arm stroke. Scary! Turned this into some sculling work and finally managed a couple of lengths front crawl. Which was even more scary particularly when approaching the end of the length so learning to spot the end wall early for fear of swimming into it - not that I've done that before!! Still really really good getting back into the pool.
Two sessions (mon, thur) 30-40mins each. No idea about distance as was really just seeing how it went.

Got a couple of good turbo sessions in. Again nothing too strenuous but some good spinning. Must be quickly getting fitter again as this was much easier then last week, lower HR and slightly faster. Obviously all on the turbo trainer indoors. Still need to get some aerobars and nerve before I venture outside with righty!
Two sessions (thus, sun) 12.5 k in 36mins then 10k in 28mins. More to come here.

Painful!! ;o) My thinking is the run will get my fitness back the quickest and it's such hard work that it's good mental preparation for the run section of a tri!!!! Still I've now managed a couple of "longer" sessions without the run walk thing. One a mere 28' and the other 22'. But am really pleased that i've got to be doing this so quickly. Obviously my pace is dire and still resembles a very slow slow thing on a slow day. But at least I'm moving which is exciting! Am going to see if I can crank out 6k today in one go, but will allow myself a breather if my HR gets too high!
Four sessions (tues, thur, sat, sun) total of 15km

That's enough of that then. The task for the week is to increase all activities by another 10%. I got 4 hours training done in total which is great and I do love sleeping after your body has been active - FAB!

Spring is definitely here (it'll now probably snow tomorrow), the flowers are really blooming in the garden. Now I'm not a really good gardener, ok in fact I don't garden at all... but I have a friend who does (my garden that is). Anyhow - she's done a great job, loads of things coming up - would say what they are but as I said I'm not a gardener and so it's all looking lovely and colourful outside. Even the birds are coming into song, although that is at the crack of dawn and really rather loud. If I tell myself enough how lovely their song is then I'm sure I won't mind being woken up at increasingly earlier times! Maybe I should get up at the same time and go for a run or ride.. then again.... I'll try to get some piccies of the plants - then perhaps someone can tell me what I've got!!

My *new* car was "born" last week! Now that is exciting. I don't generally believe in spending huge amounts on a gas hungry vehicle... however when I broke my hand I really did need some serious retail therapy. So traded in my Megane for a nice new Audi! Should be getting the new car in a couple of weeks. Will obviously take some pictures of that too and blast out on the blog - will have to introduce my bike to the boot in due course and get it down to the bike shop for a service and aerobars!

Final bit of exciting news - I've booked a holiday for the end of April! Yippee.... Off to Lanzarote for a Beginners Triathlon training camp in the sun. Looking forward to the break from work and the resort looks fab, will have to balance the training with some serious sun bathing and retail therapy!!!! :o)

OK on to righty then. So the physio/ rehab etc has been going really well and am getting quite a bit of flexibility and strength back in the hand/ wrist/ forearm. I really think time in the pool has helped, both the swimming and some hydrotherapy have felt really healing - if you see what I mean. I had what I hoped would be my final outpatients appointment at the orthopedic clinic yesterday and pointed out a problem I'm still having which the physio took a look at on Friday. Anyhow there's some suggestion that some sort of cartilage in the wrist joint was damaged at the same time as the fracture and hasn't properly healed..... humm... so am off for an MRI scan this avo and see a hand specialist consultant blokie next Monday for the results. I'm obviously, given how much better my hand is feeling, hoping that they won't find anything really wrong and if they do it doesn't need surgery (now referred to as the s word as I don't really want to go down that route). Still can do nothing about that right now so will continue to do my stretches, squeezes, flex and more stretch with righty as figure it seems to be getting better then worse so what further harm can I do... well as long as I don't fall over.. lol!!!

So that's it for now. Will *try* and do more blogging this week!!!! Adieu!

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