Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Good.... The Bad... and... The Ugly


Friday training session 1: lunchtime very (very) easy run to de-stress from work.... 9.25km in a slow 1hr 6mins (I think I could have walked faster). Nothing lung busting at all but 10% more then my slow easy run last week - so my longest (time wise) non-stop run of the year - hurrah!

Friday "training" session 2: Didn't do the swim but got back on the bike - the mountain bike - ek! Much fear and trepidation! Had a really good off road session with a mate; about 7k on road in 20mins to get to friends house then about 1 hr 30 of off road stuff (about 15km)... Blimey my legs are weak and have no power! Started off very nervous bearing in mind this is the first off roading I've done since my fateful over the top incident which broke my hand in January. Still by the end I was loving it - if only I could work out which gear to be in to get up those hills! ;o)

Post MTB session went to the pub for some carbo loading... like Garfield I love lasagne.... so had a nice big plate of that... oh yes and three pints of lovely English beer. I do love a good pint and it's been a long while since I've had one - so I had three... humm... didn't cycle home... taxi!

My head this morning ;o)

Oh and found some countdown timer thing..... look right and down..... Blenheim is 4 weeks today - first open water tri.... nervous.. me... never ... EKKKKKkkkkkkk

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