Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Fab Day

It's late so I'll keep it short.

Today has been a brill day :o)

Got up early, phaffed for England then got on my bike and cycled the 14k to work. Most of the route I take is off road (I value my life) and so was on Rockie my MTB. No near misses with the width restriction thingy I mentioned yesterday (cos I got off the bike), or any lunatic car drivers either. Had a great ride in :o)

Work was work.

Had a great ride home - nice and sunny. There's one bit I go on my route where I'm on this little gravel path, a stream on side and lakes the other - it was beautiful this evening and it was just stunning down there tonight. Next I go up this tricky little hill (road) - mound doom rather the mount doom ;o... Then to top it all on my final bit of bridal path near home I came across a deer - how special is that :o) Not for long though as when it clocked me having clocked it it legged it!

Resisted the temptation to pop into the local pub and came straight home where I chilled with a beer and a book in the garden instead. Cool.

OCN (just once for Wes) 28km in 1hr 35 (MTB mainly off road).

Happy day :o)


  1. Was there any little guys in green pantyhose chasing that deer ;-) LOL. You've been picking up my bad habits I see. First Mount Doom, then OCN. tsk... tsk... Does indeed sound like a fab ride to and from work, and that passing on the local pub thing was stellar!!

  2. Anonymous2:41 pm

    A beer in the garden sounds better anyway.

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  3. good job riding to work - it's nice to be able to do that!! i love it, myself. :)

  4. Wow, sounds like a great ride! My mouth is watering for a nice cold beer now!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful day...except for that whole having to go to work thing. Just be careful getting too "Wes-like." There is only room for one.