Saturday, June 23, 2007

The weekend!

Hurrah for the weekend!

Not much blogging this week for two reasons (1) I've been too busy and (2) not much training to write home about!

So why am I busy - easy - year end at work, one more week to go and we're pretty much done. This week has just been manic though, so although I've been officed based the days have been l-o-n-g......

Not much training therefore because of the busy week but also because, now that I've beaten off the lurgy, I've hurt my back! Aggghhh.... Actually to be precise, it's not my back but my sacro joint. Went to bed happy Monday night after my swim then woke up in muchos pain in the morning - the only things I can say I may have done in the night to do this ... well... one; dream about playing hockey, including some full on diving for the ball (which I do not do when I play...!!?!!) and two; an overstretch for the snooze button! Bummer. Anyhow saw the physio Weds who put my back back into the right place and things looked better until I got some stuff out of the oven last night.

Still - I don't think it's going to stop me from racing tomorrow - it can't be that bad then!! ;o)

OK - so plan for the race tomorrow - humm - well given I've done pretty much the square root of not much in the way of training this month, I'm not going to bother setting any sort of time goal. I think I'm going to just concentrate on having good transitions and fueling. I'm going to go out for a short ride this avo (in the rain) as it's likely to be raining tomorrow. I have yet to get down on my aero's on the road, although I have on the turbo. So I'll give them a go in the ride tomorrow for a couple of the short straight sections. The bike route is pretty flat really with the odd mini mound to go up. So no great shakes really - think the cars on the road will be a greater problem!

I haven't done any real running for weeks either so will be happy to plod around the 5k course - no injuries needed at this stage!

Have done my first open water swim in about a month this morning. I have no idea about the length of the lake as some of the buoys weren't there so knowing where to turn was a bit of a mystery (didn't help that I was spotting a orange buoy then realised it was actually someone's head!). It's usually about 900m-1k but today I've no idea, probably more like 800m. My HRM also decided to die during the swim so it may be going back to the POLAR service people again soon - I actually think it's just coming to the end of it's useful life - considering moving to a Garmin forerunner instead.

Think that's all my excitement for now. Obviously I'm not going to get anywhere near my June training goals - but if I get both races in and particularly survive the race next week I'll be happy!

Have a great weekend!


  1. good transitions and fueling are good things to work on. sounds like you want to work on getting aero too. I need to work on that too. So far, my aerobars are just a very expensive cup holder ( least I use the aerobottle though)

  2. Sorry to hear about your back, girlfriend! Hope you felt good enough to race well!! Can't wait to hear about it.