Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Car Park RAGE!! Grrrrr!


Grrrr! Grrrr! and GRRRRR! again.... I am about to vent my spleen (as it were).
So having got up early o'clock to get the red eye train into London my meeting didn't finish till 5.30pm so no earlier departure for me, finally got on the oh-so-popular (ie packed) 5:50 train home. First "grrr's" at this as my journey (on the initially hot, packed and sweaty train) is about an hour twenty, meaning I wouldn't get home before 1930 eating into my training time.


Anyway, did a couple of Suduko's to try and pass the time (too easy until I tried the killer version - haven't cracked the technique yet).... Inevitably when I got out at my local station so did a whole load of others and into the car park we went.

Now this car park is a small one given it's a small station and all. There's the car park bit right by the station then a slope down into the overflow which is where I was parked. Betty was all parked up with no dings on her (good) so off I went, thinking if I get home quickly I can get out on the bike before those clouds get too heavy. At this point I was in a relatively ok mood, despite the fact I could see a queue of about 20 cars wanting out of the car park and getting no where fast (the railway crossing was down). So we weren't going anywhere quickly so really no choice but to be patient.

When I got to the top of the slope back into the main car park I waited (as you do), then when the traffic moved I let the lady out in front of me coming from the other car park - despite the fact I got to this point before her. It was the right thing to do (as I obviously feeling relaxed and kind)....

AND THEN THIS TOTAL **** (fill in with your own personal 4letter insult) of a bloke just pushed out in his big car in front of me and behind the lady.

Not that he was going anywhere and not that he actually managed to get the whole of his car in the gap. What a ******** ! He stopped level with my drivers side and he did not once move his eyes from looking straight ahead. Lucky as I was giving daggers. I mean it's not like we all hadn't been on the same packed sweaty train coming back from town as obviously everyone in their cars at this time was from the same train! AND it wasn't like he was going anywhere... it was JUST RUDE! I did contemplate getting out of the car and simply asking him if he thought if his action was a gentlemanly act or even just whether he thought it was necessary and perhaps just rude... Instead I just stared in disbelieve. Sigh!

As if that wasn't bad enough once the cars moved I saw a learner trying to get up the ramp into the car park and as you only fit one up or down I waved it up... only to see to my utter - utter amazement another a******e about to drive straight out of the car park and block the ramp!!

I mean did she think I was sitting there in my car, with half a dozen cars behind me, waving up another car, for a laugh!!! GRRRrrr.... So I at this point I did get a bit assertive (as can be in my nature), held up my hand in a STOP sign to the stupid lady and waved the other car up again... who squeezed past the idiot and parked. At this point I joined the queue, right behind the guy who had already pulled out in front of me (he had gone all of 10meters). Ironically (I thought) when I turned right out of the car park I was level with the guy who turned left. So being a rude, inconsiderate twit got that bloke precisely nowhere fast apart from losing all respect from a fellow motorist. I mean all he had to do is smile sweetly and asked and I'd have probably let him out anyhow - I'm a kind driver like that.

When I got home I had to deal with a call from work - I won't start on that one as there will just be another RANT...

So I calmed down by going outside to have a chat with my nice neighbours Joan and Paul. Haven't seen them for a couple of weeks (despite them living 10m from my front door) as it's been so busy. So that was good and helped me get over the car park "incident"! However, my gassing just dragged the time out and so I finally landed on the sofa about 9 oclock - too late for anything, let alone the planned bike ride.


HOWEVER.. I see my virtual training buddy Lisa did manage to commute into work on her bike yesterday - so I SHALL DO THIS TOMORROW!! Thanks Lisa for the motivation! :o)

Plan for Wednesday then is ride into/outta work (either MTB or if I'm feeling brave then Biancha), then to the pool for a club swim session - it's been that long since I've been club swimming I can't actually remember the last time I went!

Here's to Wednesday!! Focus! Feel It! Enjoy It - YEAH BABY!


  1. Thanks for stopping by!!

    Ugggghhhhhhhh I don't blame you for the rant!! I get the worst road rage :-X

    That's so cute that you and Lisa are virtual training buds! What a great idea!

  2. ($@#*&$%#*&@)$@& Yeah, that's my wife. She's even thrown water bottles at other cars. But they deserved that one. Have fun commuting. Wish I could.

  3. ooooooh bugger!! The nerve of those inconsiderate blokes in the car park queue!! Sometimes I want to scream at people "It's not all about YOU!!!"

    [Do I get a gold star for my attempted use of British English??]

    Commuting by bike when you don't have to go into London gives you exercise *and* avoids that mess.

    Enjoy it!

  4. Karen, would you please translate what Lisa said? LOL. Rant away! I'm surprised you didn't give him a little taste of your triathlon training on his arse :-)