Friday, July 20, 2007

Rain Rain Go AWAY

So they did say to expect a month's worth of rain on the weather forecast today.....

10miles to the north east of me it was like this:

HUMmmmmmm......The picture outside my front door

....and this is a train station 10miles to the west...

So time for some humour....

Well that video clip really gave me something to laugh about during the madness of our year-end a couple of weeks back, so I thought I'd share it!

So after a day of sunshine yesterday it is as you can see raining again. Really raining. In fact raining that much that Berkshire has had a mention on national radio about the volume of water falling! Oh and now it's thundering too. Needless to say Muffin the cat has hid under the duvet for the best part!

Intend to work tonight at the Real Ale and Jazz Festival - although given the weather we may be flooded out!... Assuming of course I can find a route that's not flooded that'll get me there!


  1. Yea! That torrential rain made the news over here! Tough stuff getting your training in in that! Have fun at the festival. I {heart} Ale :-)

  2. That rain has been in the news over here. Maybe you should set aside your running shoes and put your wetsuit on and go for a swim instead!!

  3. Anonymous9:44 pm

    You should live somewhere sunny like Scotland - no rain here! Must phone my chum in Thatcham and see if she's floated away

  4. JulesR9:45 pm

    ...and learn not to forget my name at the end of comments xx