Saturday, August 04, 2007

Final Countdown

Morning... another gloriously sunny British weekend of sunshine - what do I mean another? We haven't had a sunny weekend since about April/ May I think... anyhow less of the weather already, who cares because... IT'S NEARLY RACE DAY and I'm almost giddy with excitement.

My packing hasn't progressed since last night (ie it's still in piles on the floor), and I've resorted to making some blackcurrant jam this morning to distract me a bit ;o)

Shall be heading off to London Docklands later today to get into my hotel, bike needs to be racked today too. Would you believe there will be over 12,000 people competing over the weekend (here's the article claiming that)... Super-sprints, sprints and relays today then Olympic races tomorrow. WOW! That's a lot of triathletes - I smell an opportunity for retail therapy at the expo ;o)

Here are my race priorities;
  1. To finish
  2. To enjoy it
  3. Stay injury free
  4. Survive the swim
  5. Try and achieve something like this for splits;
    1. Swim <35mins
    2. T1 <4mins (long because you need to get out of the wetsuit dockside then go up steps into the mammoth expo centre and find your bike... apparently it's a nightmare!)
    3. Bike <1hr30mins
    4. T2 <2min30sec
    5. Run <1hr>
If I had been training properly I'd confess to want to be breaking the 3hour barrier, but as I haven't I won't expect that at all - after all I'm going to be getting a PB aren't I!!! Having said that I'll obviously take it if I get it but won't risk priority 1,2 or 3 to get it so I'll just wait to see what happens. I think the heat will play a factor. Having had temps not really hitting 70 the last month, racing in 85 degrees at midday is going to be challenging for this freckly person! I have my factor 40 ready to travel!

OK - it's 10:25 and I really had better start getting my kit together :O) Expect to right an "I survived blog" some point Sunday evening/ Monday morning with full race report later.

Happy racing for all that are this weekend, happy training for those who are not... and if you're not doing either then well just have FUN!


  1. You will do fine. Trust your training.
    I will look for a full race report soon. Hey, at least itisn't raining :)

  2. good luck beah head!

  3. By now, I hope you are basking in the triumph of your race. Can't wait to hear about it!!!

  4. Anonymous7:52 pm

    Well done our girl, we are all proud of you! Lots of love M & D

  5. Looking forward to the race report!

  6. JulesR9:25 pm

    Taking the 'M&D' comment as an 'I survived' blog so jolly well done you!