Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A random blog....

Given my excesses over the weekend my defenses are going to be low. Couple that with the man who sat opposite me on the train yesterday, coughing and spluttering, leads to one inevitable outcome... lurgy on the loose in my body... aghhh... This evening I'm feeling the beginnings of something in my nose and head, but not to worry... I'm having plenty of fresh food and will start on the echinacea and I'm sure it'll not develop into anything :o~

Despite the feeling of impending lurgy doom I did go to the gym to join the other tens of people doing a post-work workout. Just like the proverbial mice on the exercise wheel I joined the crowd and did a 45min bike and 15min run (my second brick this month - a miracle!)..... Did have wild intentions of then moving into the pool for a swim but this sinus sensation convinced me not to try ;o)

Although I must get into the pool really. When am I going to do that? This week at work is just hectic - lots of travel. Although today this was really unsuccessful as I spent 2 hours (yes TWO) traveling a whole mile (just the one) up an A road towards the M40. Evidently the lights at the junction were out. So I missed my customer meeting - in fact it started late, and finished before I made it out of the jam... Anyhow eventually got to the roundabout and came back home. The longest round trip going nowhere that I've ever done I think!!!

Hummm what other excitement - why yes - 6 weeks to go until Christmas .. AAAGGGGHHHH!

On another note - why is it that smell of fish (in this case sardines) lingers for hours after they've been grilled?!

Ok enough waffle - I guess it must be time for bed!


  1. thanks for stopping by. and joining in.

    yea.. the pool probably didnt make much sense but good job getting that workout in

  2. I dunno. I like to chlorinate my sinuses. Anything to help kill whatever it is that's attacking them works for me :-)

    I haven't done and organized swim since October 12th! Arggghhhh!

    and as far as the smell goes... My wife says the same thing about curry. I love it, but I guess its good I can't smell a thing....