Tuesday, January 01, 2008

1st Jan bedtime ramblings...

OK so I must think about 2008 and what I want to do this year - what are my resolutions anyhow?

Why is Muffin the cat making so much snoring noises. I know he's ill but is there really any need. I'm just so soft letting him on the bed at night, but then he's not well

Now I've had a full day of no tummy troubles and two days of proper food I'd better look at the impact to my training schedule and think about where I need to pick up from.

God it's work tomorrow and it's 23:41 - far too late for a gym session first thing before work.

Why is my throat a bit sore - have I caught it from the cat, ok that's not likely he IS a cat!

I've had a really relaxing and lovely start to the New Year. In fact my whole few weeks of Christmas have been excellent, despite work do's, being busy, me having the puke monster bug and a variety of kitty-cat traumas.

Oh I must do my ironing and take my suits to the dry cleaners. WHEN am I going to get a chance to do THAT filling!?!

It's 2008! OMG! It's 2008. I'm 38 this year. How is that possible? And when did that happen? Actually I'm glad I'm 38 I know more now then when I was 28 that's for sure, let's not even contemplate how much I though I knew when I was 18 (how laughable)... OMG I was 18 TWENTY - that's two-zero TWENTY years ago.

Oh no it's 23:49 I should turn the computer off and sleep.

Expenses! I must do my work expenses - tomorrow. I must do them tomorrow. I hope tomorrow is quiet at work!

Night night... oh yes and ....

HAPPY 2008 .....yippeeeeee!!!!!


  1. Happy New Year Karen! It just keeps getting better :-) Forties is a great time to be alive :-)

  2. Happy New Year Karen! Have a wonderful 2008!

    ps. watch out for Wes.. he's picking up a lot of Brit-slang from you :)

  3. Happy New Years! I usually only have thoughts like those when I wake up at 2:30 or 3:00am, not when I've stayed up to late. hehehe.

    May 2008 be FANTASTIC for you

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  5. Happy 2008! Good luck with your goals!