Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I need to do more... .stretching that is. In fact I've decided it should be one of my training goals. Although I'm not sure how to measure improvement really... but I need to do it... I've the flexibility of a hugely inflexible thing!

I may start recording the time I do stretch - post activity that is (don't tend to bother before).... maybe that will work. I am goal oriented after all and I like numbers so maybe that's the thing to do?

The other rambling for today is rather gross but needs to be said.. ok perhaps it doesn't ...so perhaps you'll want to skip this paragraph.... but this cold (which I am now very much at the back end of) has made me produce the most thick and gloopy snot in the world. Never had anything like it - reckon you could bind things together with it, possibly paper a wall or two... OK so I did say I perhaps didn't need to mention it.

Oh so I just managed to delete the second half of this post... how did I do that?!


So I went on to say...

Managed a strength session today at work, although to be fair I had a longing urge to go for a run. It was a lovely day, blue sky with a winter chill - perfect running weather. But I tried to be good and stuck to plan of a strength session just to ensure my HR didn't get too pushed and thus risk a lurgy relapse... Did an hour of strength and 5 whole mins of stretching! Got home about 6:30, promptly ignored my earlier thought about not pushing my HR up too much and went to the gym for a spin class... Quite evil in places, far too much "hovering" for my liking! Followed the 45min class with another 15mins of easy spinning so I could get a nice round hour in too... stretching after was a rather pathetic couple of mins... BAD KAREN - am feeling it now!

My plan for the tomorrow revolves trying for a longer run, possibly an hour in the morning sometime followed by club swim in the evening - can't even remember the last time I made it to a Wednesday swim!! Of course early morning activity is reliant on me getting up early enough to participate before work.... and as I have just consumed a rather nice pint of Guinness that may be a little challenging!! :o).... The Guinness as I'm sure you are aware is for medicinal reasons already - after all it is good for you!!

OK enough blogging already before I get far too carried away..... Three blogs in three days must be setting a record as it is!!!


  1. I'm in the habit of doing stretches in between strength reps. It probably isn't ENOUGH stretching, but it is pretty good stretching a few times per week. Shrug. Maybe give that a try.

  2. Yea.. I'm the same way. I tend to cut short the stretching way more than I should. And I don't quite know how to force myself to do it!

  3. I always knew in my heart that Guiness was good for me :-) Thanks!!

  4. Stretching is on my list of things to improve on this year as well. I know I should do it but 20 minutes stretching just doesn't seem as productive as 20 minutes of something aerobic, even though I know I need to do it.

  5. It seems we're all pretty bad when it comes to stretching - we know we should do it but never follow through with the good intentions!

  6. Sounds like a great plan to add the stretching in!

  7. Guinness is the elixer of life! It will probably cure that snotty nose of yours! Drink enough of it and you won't have any flexability problems either.