Sunday, April 27, 2008


It's been a week and a half since I last blogged... BAD KAREN!

In summary;

Had a great time in Atlanta.

Discovered the "Cheesecake Factory" whilst there. Couldn't decide what to eat (too much choice), so had a lovely slice of traditional cheesecake... then found out it was approx 600 calories and 59g of fat.. OH MY GOD... that's what like nearly an hours running or something?! Anyhow - I figured I did enough exercise whilst in Atlanta so enjoyed every mouthful of it :o) YUMMY!

Got back to the UK last Sunday to typical gray drizzle... YUK!

Went back to work, having had a lovely week off in Atlanta... enough said about that...

Had a good training week this week... Open water session has started so headed to the lake... 12degrees.... I MEAN 12 blinkin degrees.... it was BLOODY FREEZING! Still I had a wetsuit and some booties........ managed about 45mins before I decided my brain was freezing and became delirious... humm

Today was sportive day - thought it was 110k, but actually was 96k (with 1122m climbing).. .due to technical problems (ran out of inners and gas), cut it short and did something like 74k - a great day... was supposed to run for an hour after but the roast dinner was calling...

OK summary of the week over - sorry it's been a bit of a dull one. Monthly summary appearing somewhere near here soon!


  1. Gotta' watch out for that cheesecake...that stuff is EVIL!! I don't know how they manage to shove so many calories in such a small space, but somehow they do. LOL

  2. I think the cheesecake definitely slowed down your blood flow, then the cold water just did you in :-) Way to HTFU!! and that bike ride was just AWESOME :-), unless of course, it was run, in which case, it was goddess like :-D

  3. 74k on your sportif?
    With 1122m of climbing?

    I swear, my teeny tiny beginners rides seem like WI outings in comparison!

    Sorry you felt you had to cut it all short. Travelling takes it out of you though doesn't it?

    Good luck with the training this week.

  4. Oh man.. beware of the Cheescake factory!

    Glad the trip was good and sorry I missed you.

  5. OMIHECK I love Cheesecake Factory!!! YUM!