Sunday, April 06, 2008

Hungerford Tri: Race Report


...did someone forget it IS SPRING!?

A clap of thunder woke me up..... took a quick look outta the window to see what was going on...

My race start time was 0850... I was still hugging my duvet!!! If I had tried to go I wouldn't have made it very far as at 0730 (which was my latest leaving time) a blizzard was blowing... and we just don't do snow in the Thames Valley. I took a look at the traffic cam by the M4 and only kinda saw one lane of the motorway (not three). Quick call to the club captain to find out even he wasn't going reassured me that the duvet was a perfect plan B!

So I didn't DNF'd nah... a DNS'd!! LOL!

Still it looked kinda pretty when I did get up;
But note I was rudely roused from my bed the second time by some "youths" throwing snowballs at my house... I don't mind that so much but a bit kinda stupid to aiming at the window... Hummm so I gave them a few choice words out of the window which saw the scurrying away!! Sometimes I can just be that "scary lady" at number x....

Why couldn't it have snowed in winter..... I've not seen proper snow here like this morning for quite a few years!

Am I disappointed I didn't race? Well kind of but to be honest I knew last night that the tri gods weren't shining on me anyhow.... Got home to a slow puncture in my rear tire (it's definitely the season for them, I've now had more punctures in the last 3 weeks then all of last year)...Fixed the puncture only for the new inner tube to bulge out ... stupidly I took a close look at the bulge for it to POP right in my face! More of a BANG then a POP I may add... lucky I wear glasses... Anyhow I fixed that new puncture and got to bed at midnight vowing that if the ground was white in the morning then I just wouldn't race.... and so it was.

Instead I've had some zzzz's today then did a 1hour turbo, (15mins warm-up/ down with 10*2'/1' intervals), followed by straight out for nearly 40mins run. Didn't push the run as I actually hadn't taken anywhere like enough food on board this morning or during ride to feel up to it!

Turns out this was a better option then the "race" anyhow.... having looked at the website a short while ago they turned it into a duathlon due to "inclement weather" ...LOL.... 400m swim and 2mile run.... so think it worked out ok in the end didn't it!

......Oh and as for the debate about my swim book;
- The book is "workouts in a binder" and yes comes in special water proof paper
- Drying every page after every swim..... WES you do have OCD ;o) LOL.... If only I had done that I don't think it would smell of gone off shoes as it does now... eugh... I think some detergent will see it right ;o)

OBN 30k 60mins (est turbo - worked quite hard interval session)
ORN 6.5k 38mins


  1. Oh my gosh. You got snow!

    But a swim/run event is something I dream of...why can't that ever happen to me?!?!

  2. ROFL!! Yea, I saw it snowing as I was watching EPL today. Lucky you :-) I don't dry off EVERY page... Just the page that have propped open at the pool. So there :-) Go have a marmite bagel ;-)

  3. Whoa.. crazy weather! I found out it was snowing from a friend who lives in London. Enjoy the white stuff.

  4. Yeah I can't believe it. Snow? In London? In April? Something is awry! But good call in getting back into bed on Sunday. The very idea of running a race in a blizzard makes shudder. Though there is a good chance you would have come first in those sorts of conditions! :)

    If you recommend the book on 5k and 10k training then I definately want to take a look at it. So the Name would be very helpful if its not too much trouble..

  5. Snow? Snow? We don't get that in Florida, just lots of powdered sugar on our doughnuts!! Mind you I'll take a blizzard over 110% humidity...

  6. That's perfect racing weather...if you are running the Idiarod! Yuck! And we are looking at mid-90s this weekend. Wow.