Monday, May 05, 2008


I've just looked at the Elite people racing this weekend at Portugal at the ETU Champs (did I mention that already?!).... I kid you not both the world elite men and ladies #1's are racing in Lisbon.....!! Talk about fantastic! Can you tell I'm getting a bit excited!! It's going to be such a wonderful experience, watching the Elite's on Saturday is going to be mind-blowing... I mean most of these peeps will be competing at the Olympics... WOW!

Here's a link to the GB Elite team in case you were wondering who was racing from Blighty.

As for myself... Hummm.. yes.. what a laugh!! "TriGirl" no I didn't do an event to qualify for this little racey (luckily there was none or I'd have never been going!! LOL)... Qualification was through entry and experience "CV" which in my case was not a lot.. I've done 1 (yes just the one!) Olympic event thus far... so the aim of the weekend is obviously to finish!! LOL.... I'm am considerably slower then the last person in my age-group from last year, but, well, the experience is what it IS all about, and someone has to come last. Just wearing the flag will be amazing- you know what I mean!?! ;o)

As for other minor talk....

Today I cleared out the "cupboard under the stairs" aka the tardis.... I now have 6 pairs of old trainers for the charity bin... I kid you not.. 6 pairs... including my faithfull "Asics Laudreth's" from last season who saw me through my first half Mary... oh the memories ;o)

I also made a trip to the tip today... enough said about that!! ;o)

Get the impression that today was a bit of a spring clean?! ... Well if it's a bank holiday what better to do??? Ok maybe I could've done a bit of training but there were chores to be done... Including mopping the floor - which has freaked the cats out a bit.... so much so they seem to have already dirtied it with their muddy paws... Hummmm!!!

Ok - a short sharp blog - a bit like my run in the morning.. 30mins 10 easy 5*1'/1' intervals then 10min warmdown - can't wait ;o)

Oh but wait - did I tell you how much it cost me to fill my car with diesel last week....



Time to consider as many alternate travel options as possible. Running a car in this country is getting TOO expensive by far


  1. Gas prices sucketh!! I'm planing on donating my Brooks afer I retire my Mizunos in a couple a weeks.

    You are going to have such a blast at the Olympic! Is that Portugese female World Champ going to be there? That would be incredibly awesome!!

  2. We need someone to introduce the notion of Bank Holidays here too! Not that I would spend it cleaning :)

    Yikes.. 70 pounds. Thats got to hurt! Thank god for my little car - I can still fill up for about $35. But the gas prices are getting pretty darn insane.

  3. Can't wait for the Olympics. It's going to be awesome.

    70 pounds? Good grief! That's not good at all.

  4. We just got a (secondhand) car that runs on LPG. 52p per litre. Much better. I think you can get ordinary cars converted.

    And as for Lisbon. I am since enormously impressed. I bet youre being modest about your times. And even if you come last, I think its absolutely amazing what youre doing. Well I'm getting a vicarious thrill out of it at least :D

    And if by any chance you do come last, I think you should accept the Red Lantern with pride and buy yourself a treat.

    So good luck!