Monday, December 29, 2008

Battle of the "Purr"

All was quiet in the household

The only thing stirring was the lady in the bed.... having woken up just after 4 she was wondering if she'd be able to get back to sleep..

Soros the cat arrived with stealth, a quick jump landing on her head telling her he was there.... he started to purr, started to dribble and was quickly dispatched to the foot end of the bed and so hopped off altogether.

All was dark. All was quiet.

The lady began to drift back to sleep.

Then the bedroom door slowly, softly began to open.

Startled back to full awake the lady turned the bedroom light on to see what monster of the dark was too big to get through the crack in the bedroom door.

Looking down she saw, looking up... big wide eyes, blinkin from the sudden light.


"Muffin - what are you doing" she enquired to the old black cat... "it's the middle of the night and it's not like you couldn't fit through that gap in the door?"

"Meow!" with that Muffin jumped on the bed... how unusual she thought... but then I've been under the weather, maybe he's sensed that and come to keep me company.

She turned the light back off with the black cat barely at the end of her fingertips purring away.

Drifting off again with the sound of purring gently lulling her to sleep the lady became aware of another body in the room, a silent stalker moving around the bed.

She knew what to expect next. With a leap so quiet the other cat arrived on the other side of her and pushed against her and snuggled up tight. And so it began.... as the new arrival started to purr so the big cat on the other side challenged his rival with an increase volume. The sparring continued louder and louder... purr PURR PURRRRR.... until the lady shifted as she finally drifted back off to sleep.

All was dark. All was quiet.

Hummm. So anyhow I got up this morning and Muffin was still acting weird... picked him up - he squealed in a cat rage sort of fashion and I discovered a bump on his tail... ok so he wasn't looking after me last night, no he was feeling unwell. Evidently he's been in a fight and has (ok now had) an abscess on his tail.... it burst as I took him to the vet.. what a stink! Still he didn't like the vet and did scream at her quite a bit as she clipped his fur off but she did manage to get some antibiotics in him (rather her then me).

As for me... well I'm still resting up. Off work until the New Year. But I have colour in my cheeks and I'm feeling like I have a bit more energy, thank fully the ibruprofen and rest seems to be working.


  1. Poor kitty! My male cat always calls the vet all kinds of bad name when he has to go in. Hopefully Muffin will feel better now that his tail has been tended to.

  2. Thank you so much for your advice on my toe. I don't know how I injured it. Of course I assumed running but I have still been biking. I also thought it might be from wearing high heels this Christmas season. Anyway, which way did you move your cleat that helped? I am willing to try anything! THANKS!

  3. I hope the entire Karen household is feeling 100% SOON :-)

  4. What a purrfect morning! Except for the tail and trip to the vet.

  5. I am sorry to hear about muffin :-( Just got back from vets and Miles has early stage kidney disease - its not my week..