Saturday, December 06, 2008

Double day 6

Gotta fly (well drive) off to deepest darkest Leicestershire....

So - got up and made it (just, well actually late) for the body pump class...

Got home, assessed conditions and headed over to Swinley Forest for my 6miles "easy" ... not sure a forest hills and trails is ideal for easy but I needed a forest run today (forests are healing for my spirit!)... didn't enjoy the first 45mins... then I came out of the dulldrums - pumped up the volume and binned the "easy" for a storming final 10-15mins!

6 Miles in 1:02 or thereabouts!

Have a great weekend folks - by the time I come back I will be a changed person with additional responsibilities in life!!


  1. Karen, what on earth is "binned the "easy" "? :-)

  2. Great job on your six miler. That would be an all out fast effort for call it easy??

  3. Running in the countryside is always better than in the town. My weekend runs are so much more enjoyable than my weekday runs in London. Despite what some people tell me Clapham Common does not count as being in the country.

  4. Hope you had a good weekend! That didn't "sound" easy :-)

  5. Forest trails are easy on the soul. That's gotta count for something, right?