Friday, January 23, 2009

How to raise money?

Not just for personal gain I may add but in order for me to raise money for charity... you see as part of my golden bond entry to London I've got to get to £1800 which actually is really £900 as my company has a charity matching scheme.

So how to raise money? Here's some ideas;
1. The obvious - sponsorship. This is ok but I do not really like asking the same people for charitable donations
2. Fundraising events; So I know our company will help with this and we'll do things like;
Auction of promises
Cake sales
Money collection pots
There must be more to do here

3. Karen's random schemes;
- I have my penny pot. Probably not much in here but every little helps
- Ebay... will anyone want to buy stuff that I'd either look to freecycle (like recycle but a local give away scheme for working things), or put in a charity bag (I have some hardly used suits and stuff... no doesn't include old running tights.. eugh!)
- WHAT ELSE?? There must be more.... I'll get to some more thinking..... any suggestions welcome!

On another note entirely "Vicar of Dibley" is just playing a rerun on the box. If you've ever seen it and seen the countryside in the opening sequence then I'm happy to say that is exactly where I do my most favorite cycling over towards Henley way, this is verified by that certain source, Wikipedia! Depending on the weather I may even head over that a way tomorrow morning (or I may just hide in my duvet... or get up an play guitar hero instead... decisions decisions!)

Right time to get that BUCKEYE gadget in to the right hand side bar..... if you see it it's worked!


  1. Karen,

    Try this site below:

    I raised much more money than I thought possible using this site for Autisum when I ran the Marine Corps Marathon in 2005.

    It's easy to use and donations can be made with credit cards.

    You might check with the marathon to see if they are using JustGiving.

  2. Collect on a website, maybe that is what journey to a centum provided. Your blog buddies, family, friends can donate there. You just post, email, send letters telling them what you are doing and why. Easy Peasy!

  3. Hey I checked the London Marathon Website and they have a justgiving link. On the sidebar click Run for Charity. If you click the JustGiving link it will help you set up a web page that typically is already written for you.

    Then all you do is send emails to family and friends with one global plea for funds. It's really easy!