Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I should be at the gym

But I'm tired!

Having made a complete month (ok nearly) of training per the plan I'm on my recovery week. Yesterday was a rest day and today should have been an easy 30min run and swim. BUT I had to see a customer today which meant an early morning session was out of the window and we already know that I'm not too good at getting things done in the evening!

Having had my "rest" day yesterday {note I say rest day yet I somehow managed to be at work until 7!! Oops but it was a good day at work, yesterday I made people happy which makes me happy... anyhow I digress}.... so I was ok with no phys yesterday. I got back from my customer at a very reasonable time today; 1730 **WOW!** and rather then going straight to the gym (I had doen the good thing of packing my kit in the car but made the mistake of forgetting swim hat, watch, goggles!) I came home and felt the need for a quick snooze.

Quick snooze turned into an hour snooze and that musty head post snooze feeling. I now don't feel like going to the gym, I feel like eating lots of crap and staying in. I'm tired!... yes I have no decent excuse BUT having been so scared over Christmas (not because of seeing so many re-runs I may add or watching Christmas Carol but from the lurgy thing)... I have decided to endulge my "I don't wanna go" strop and have some pasta and cheese tonight instead.

January Lazy Days = 1

Now where's my pasta and more importantly where's my duvet... zzzzzzzz.. LOL!


  1. Happy customers are good. I had a similar day yesterday that went like this:

    Final plans for Mkt. & Sales Strategy
    Pick up boring Engr. at Airport
    Pick up boring QA Mgr. who came with boring Engineer.
    Flight was late so we missed our first appointment.
    Visited customer, solved some long term "unknown" problems making them happy.
    Established a bi-monthly meeting with same customer to prevent any future issues.
    Hockey Game with supplier and some old pals.
    I didn't work out either.

    So what technology do you work in? My company does precision production machining and injection molding. I wear many hats but Market Development Mgr. is my title.

  2. slacker... :-)

  3. rest up.. that "1" shows you earned it.

  4. fyi - my blog moved. chasinbunnies.blogspot.com