Monday, July 27, 2009

Better get a post in...

As I've only made one post during July thought I'd better get another in quick!

The month started off with a bout of flu-like symptoms... ahem... was that swine flu? I doubt it.. was rough for a few days but no temperature so that was lucky... no pigs trotters for me!!

Recovered well enough to get back to training... Antwerp 70.3 is this weekend after all..

However - stand by your bedsides... I seem to be suffering from asthma, something I've not had badly since I was a kid. Thought I may have a chest infection so went to the quacks today and as a result I'm spraying stuff into my lungs at an alarming rate (per instructions).... good news is it actually seems to be working. Whether it does enough to see me start on Sunday remains to be seen! Travel out on Friday, with a reunion of room 349a (La Santa tri camp from earlier in the year) on the train. Unusually for any triathlon I've raced the start is not until lunch time - a real boon!!

Expect my next blog to either be a race report or a brief report of depression as I DNF or even worse... DNS!!

Keep yourself safe out there!!


  1. i'm hoping for a race report next! have fun!!

  2. Hope all resolves and you have a great event!