Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More surprising notes;

1. Awoke at 05:45

2. Gym bike by 06:35 (GOSH); 30mins total about 10.5k...... built for 8mins, 15mins at zone 3 HR then lovely little warm down. Neck good, stretching bad.

3. Did I mention it's "no chocolate October"? Well due to arse sag I have banned it from my diet this month... imagine my surprise when I found, having been to the petrol station and supermarket, that my cupboard now contains;
2 * Boost Duo's (ie 4 boost bars in total)
1 * Slab of Cadbury's chocolate
1 * Milk Chocolate Digestives
1 * Pack of mini choc bars

WTF!.... Like ok now they were all "half price" thus a "bargain" (well the boost was more like a bogof)..... and now they are all calling me from the cupboard. The next two weeks will now be a complete test of will power......

4. Surprisingly I got caught speeding the other month and tomorrow is "speed school" well actually I think it's called "speed awareness training", teaching you how not to speed rather then how to speed!!

5. Yes - 3 in 3 that IS surprising....


  1. You're doing well getting back at it.

    Banning chocolate?! Why?!?!? What did chocolate ever do to you?!?!?

    Maybe you need to go to chocolate awareness school. That would probably be more helpful than speed awareness school. lol

  2. I think chocolate will win...

  3. JulesR12:10 pm

    Yes, you're badly outnumbered