Monday, October 26, 2009

Snakes and Ladders

OK so last week I moved up to a bit more regular training.

I hit the pool a new record of 4 times in the week! I've never done that, other then when on a tri camp. I didn't do massive sessions (max was 45mins), but I did quality sessions. Even in the week I found my swimming improved quite dramatically - so there is some sense in it when they say the more you swim the better you get ;o)

I managed a couple of outdoors runs - YEAH! Tempo was s-l-o-w, which was not so yeah but then I've not trained properly for weeks! Great to be outside though!

I managed a couple of bike sessions, both turbo - I wimped out from going on the road but did do an hour turbo and my neck seemed fine.....

Here's my summary;

I didn't manage a body balance class (which is a mixture of yoga, pilates and tai chi), which is a bother as I do find those classes great for my core and my flexibility.


Went to the physio this morning (have been going a couple times a week since the accident)... and in summary my upper back has been really stiff and sore feeling the last couple of days and I'm getting a bit of pins and needles down my arms.....

humm - guess what... It looks like I've overdone it and stiffened everything up.....! {Insert here appropriate expletives}

So my physio has done the unthinkable and told me NOT TO EXERCISE for 4 days!!! {Insert more appropriate expletives here} .... He has never done that to me before....

I know this is the right thing to do - swim camp is only a week and a half away and swimming on Saturday was sore breathing to my right (it's the left side of my neck that I hurt).... so all thoughts of going for the tri club run this evening having done a little swim this avo have gone. As has the idea of going for an early morning run tomorrow morning... SIGH.. I'll probably still do club swim, or at least part of it Weds evening - after all that will be 3 days, which is nearly 4 and I'm seeing the physio again on Thurs ;o)

This fitness thing is like a game of snakes and ladders.... just fallen back down a snake, but only for a couple of days!


  1. It's easy to get excited and do too much too quickly, but you really need to heal up.

    So do what you're told now and get better quickly!! :-)

  2. That stinks! Hopefully the four days will give you the rest you need to have a great camp, though.