Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Weekly Review Start -3

Just a small post!

More snow today.... snow sucks! We never get snow... until now... and now we really have it... a week with snow on the ground is pretty much unheard of in my lifetime, unless of course I'm snowboarding in the US, which doesn't count!

Still - I'm glad of my snowboarding stuff, the clothes at least have proved useful in the last week.

However, despite the best attempts of the weather, I did get in quite a good weeks worth of "effort"

Stats as follows;
Rest Day = 1
Swim: 4 Sessions, 3hours 23 mins for 5.28 miles
Bike: 2 Sessions, 1hour 26mins for 29 miles
Run: 2 Sessions, 2 hours 3min for 12.80 miles

Other sessions;
Body Balance (combo of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi) * 1 session for 45mins
Snow Clearing (I call that strength training!) for 1hr 30min

Given I'm only back from hols 2 and a bit weeks and just begin to get into the swing of things I'm happy (and I have to say tired) from my efforts..... including the stretching and stuff my hours read; 9hrs 41mins for 47.4miles :o)

I think that's my longest (in hours) "training" week since swim camp in Lanzarote, and prior to that ... well probably March!! Now I know why I'm feeling tired!

Weekly GBU;
Good - Swim sessions! I was trying to do 5 and managing 4 was FAB (given weather!)
Bad - Running hit by snow and lack of ability to get to a gym!
Ugly - The snow and my diet!!

This week has not started so well, and we only got snow again over night... poxy stuff!! Which is a POOR excuse.... but I'm pooped!

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