Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A few days on the road

So over the last week I’ve been in Copenhagen (last Weds/Thurs) and the last couple of days Madrid…. What a jet setter – but really it was flying visits on both occasions with just one night stay… so you could say this interrupted my training … but to be truthful I have been in full sulk mode with the foot injury!! I did manage some core training on both trips though – and certainly something is better then nothing.

Travel should be over for the near future which is good all the same on the quest for Iron.

Back to my SULK

I’m seeing my Osteo on Weds night so hoping for a diagnosis at least. My footy/ leggy/ injured thing is feeling a lot better, but then it should given I’ve not run on “IT” for nearly two weeks now. What I should have been doing is going to the pool for some aqua jogging and swimming as well as the biking…. But in my SULK I thought it a much better idea to eat cake and drink beer….. Possibly not the mindset of someone who is going to attempt their first ever Iron distance event this year! LOL….. Lucky it’s still some five months away then!!

Despite my epic sulk last week (and believe me it was a good one) I did actually manage to bike quite a bit. Given I’m still half hoping I make it to the start line of the Reading Half (a week on Sunday, now stop that laughing).. I thought it best I at least put some effort into a couple of rides at the weekend. Despite the sunshine it was, to coin a phrase, bloody freezing and if I had nuts they would have been clearly frozen right off. However I don’t (not sure how the guys in the ride coped!?)… but I did manage a nice round 50 miler on Saturday, which made me quite, well tired actually… and followed this up with a lone (and still freezing) 30miles on Sunday. A double bikey weekend… that was a first (outside tri training camps)… and the longest single ride (both time and distance) this year. So despite my sulk and my travelling last week I did still get two quality sessions in. Run score of zero is allowed and well, swim score of zero was really rather pathetic and I have no excuse (other than the beer was nice thank you!)

It was after the 50miler bike ride I had my first Iron related “WTF!” as I realized, having peeled the layers off my tired body, that I’d have to ride that 50, double it, add a bit and only then would I have cycled the required 112 miles…. And then run a marathon… Oh having already swam 2.4miles … Yeah right the joke IS on me!

But still – I’m going to have quite a few “WTF”s on this journey I suspect.

First things first though…. Foot/ leggy/ whatevery diagnosis and onwards and upwards.

Must start thinking and more importantly eating, like someone who is going to do this!!


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