Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quickie Thursday

It's been a long week.


March training on a scale of 1 to crap has been pretty crap... what with the mysterious foot/ ankle injury and the sad death of Muffin my lovely Moggie it's been... yes crap.

But given the injury meaning I can't run, I've stepped up with the biking.... which is good... and I'm enjoying it which is even better :O)... and hey, I've got to do a lot of cycling if I'm going to do this Iron thingy :)

To news of good happy things....
..... Job - 4 weeks in and it's going well and I'm enjoying it. After a quick couple of trips to Copenhagen and Madrid I now think I'll be settled in the office for the short term.
..... With the job I'm trying to get the opportunity to commute to work... this of course means a brilliant excuse to buy a new bike!!! I'm eyeing up a cross bike which is really like a roadie but with bigger wheels basically. Like I need an excuse... ahem.. better clear the garage out some more :O)
..... Am thinking of getting a new pussycat.... not that anyone could replace by lovely cat Muffin, but I'd like a playmate for Soros, my other monster
..... my foottie/ leggy thing may be hurting but I'm able to go on a cross trainer now - better then nothing!
...... my local footy team have been doing really well and seem to have got themselves out of the relegation zone and almost to mid-table safety (I still say we have outside chance of playoffs).... and my life long footy team (Liverpool), have just sneaked through to the next round of the (crappy) Europa cup, well a cup is better then no cup :)

OK - all for now.... YAWN!

Have a good one everyone! :)


  1. sup girl? Nah, we never replace a pet. That's just not possible. Rather, we welcome a new one into our life. It's the cycle ya know!

    Glad to hear the job is going well!! Enjoy the cycling!

  2. I"m with Wes, it's not a replacement, just time to add a new one to the family. when you are ready, that is...