Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday trepediation....

Oh My....

So I decided today was the day for...

No, not a run... (but that will be soon... oh soo soon)

BUT .... an open water swim!

Yes the season is open, so apparently the lakes are warm enough... .A HA HA HA! They're so funny!

So I arrived at the lake after work (it's great only a couple of miles from where I now work!)... and approached the water with some trepediation.. exactly how cold is it? I enquired.... "positively warm" came the reply with a mumbled "for this time of year" after..... ummmm so I put the wetsuit on and opted for some booties too.... and got in....

OH MY... there were some channel (mad people) swimmers in there with no wetsuit... but it was a tropical 15degrees.... the advice from one swimmer as I got in was... "'don't hang about or you're get cold"... like no shit sherlock.....

Anyways... It was cold... I was kinda thinking I'd do a session based on estimated swim times and do sets... but it was too cold for that... So I did one lap (between 750 and 800m)... did a second lap... and chilled on to my third. Still felt good after the three laps from a fatigue point of view but frankly was FROZEN (note the capitals and blue coloured font!)... I really was that cold... shaked my way to the shower and shivered my way into my cloths.... even a hot chocolate barely stopped me from being a shivering, shaking, wreck.... BUT HEY.. I got the swim in and felt good with it. Three laps in 46mins will do me for right now!

I just hope it wasn't a foolish thing to do so soon after a lergy!! Tomorrow will tell on that front....


Gotta get on... my oven is beeping at me which means my fish and chips are nearly done! Ummmmm


  1. You are one brave girl. Open water swimming and freezing temps! Oh so not for me. I am not brave or strong enough. The upper body strength you must have. me=jealous.

    We had the same supper!

  2. well, I'm getting into the lake for the first time this year this weekend, and its 68 degrees. Brrrrrr! :-)

  3. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr