Wednesday, May 19, 2010


... Yeah so some of you Facebookers will know my Half-Challenge Barcelona race finished before the end with a rather cruddy accident coming off the bike at the bike dismount line (well to be fair - slightly before the bike dismount line)!

Full report to follow... But for now HIGHLIGHTS - ok more like bullet points;
  • Aim was to go sub 35mins swim... DESPITE choppy seas (it felt like an up hill swim) and slow (compared to normal!) professional times (fastest lady out was 27.something minutes).... I DID it... 34.59 mat time to be precise. HAPPY.WITH.THAT
  • Bike aim to go as fast as I possibly could... given no taper and training (although easy) on Friday and Saturday.... I averaged 19.2mph... HAPPY.WITH.THAT
  • Never had an issue with a "flying" dismount before. Except this time there was a speed hump between me and the timing mat.... and there was me already out of my shoes, legs both on the left side of my bike and coming in at break-neck speed... well lucky I didn't break my neck and I certainly went flying. Skid on my thigh, knees, and foot later and viola.. bloody me not going any further. NOT.HAPPY.WITH.THAT

Organisation GREAT
Medical Assistance GREAT
Facililities GREAT
Feedling Stations GREAT

Recommended. Full race report to follow!


  1. next time, please don't take "flying dismount" so literally. ;-P

  2. I'm so glad you didn't kill yourself {sheepish grin}. At least it made the decision not to run that much easier :-) See, there's a bright side to everything!

  3. What a disappointment! Glad you didn't get hurt worse. Take Care!