Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Having blogged like mad the week before last clearly I've had to have a recovery period .... LOL..

So just a quick space saver for now....

Running: I'm still on it - recovery going well, I've managed a couple of short runs off the bike and today did a 30min run... so it looks like (fingers crossed)... I may still be good to go for the Ironman. My "go-no-go" date is 24 May, and if I continue to be able to manage the recovery and increase the run then at the moment I'm at go go go... but I've got 12 days yet, fingers crossed.

Have been biking like a demon (as I'm not running), and managed my longest ride at the weekend. 70miles with a ridiculous amount of hills included (over 600metres!)... still survived and I'm now on week 3 of my training cycle which means next week is recovery!!

This weekend is my first HALF IRONMAN distance of the season with Challenge Barcelona... except for me it's more like ONE THIRD IRONMAN as I'll only be doing the swim and bike.. LOL... of course this assumes that come Friday morning flights are still leaving the UK for Spain what with the roaming ash cloud and all.....

OK - that's it.. short but sweet I know.

If I manage to pack in good time tomorrow night then I may even blog tomorrow and make it two in two!

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  1. Have fun this weekend. We know you have that half Iron thingee beaten already ;-)