Friday, July 16, 2010

Five things Friday

'K so that wasn't going to be the title and I may struggle with 5 - so you can blame JulesR's comment on the last blog for this ;o)

  • I did a 3k swim (well 3k according to the lake as it should be a 750m loop - but my Garmin 310XT (which I've now done the Firmware upgrade so it does the niffty open water swim reclac...) reckons it was 3.5k..... and actually I'm sure the loop is nearer 800m when you bake in the width (as I think the 750 is a point to point measure)... ANYWAY... it was a good swim; 400m(ish) warm-up, 3*laps on 45s rest, 400m(ish) warm down.
  • I'm cycling to work today. I usually have a 1.5hr ride to do on a Friday and getting this in via my commute to and from work is really great in relieving the training pressure. Sometimes this ends up being just an hour in total (I can do the commute in about 30mins) as I have a rule that if I leave work after 1830 then I just head straight home rather then extending the ride.
  • This weekend I have more dreaded bikey hill reps, and I see the coach has snuk up the reps from 6 to 8... EK!
  • Ummm two more things..... Have amazingly runny runny nose this morning - I think I have half the contents of the lake up my sinus cavity from the swim last night!
Surprised I made 5... now better get a wriggle on, into my bike gear and head to work :)


  1. You should read this post by DCrainmaker about swimming with the Garmin. I put mine in my cap and it works really well.

  2. Hey Wes; Yeah I read that just the other day.... very good article. I have the new firmware upgrade and it certainly works better then previous. I find getting the Garmin in my hat awkward because of the amount of hair I have... I guess you don't have that issue... MWAHHH ROFL! ha ha! ;)