Thursday, July 15, 2010

Three Things Thursday

So I thought I'd not get too carried away so I missed a post yesterday...
  • ...but did get in my Long Slow Run before work (well no chance of getting it done after!!)... it was a cool morning for a 70min (7.2miles) run/ walk.... now this isn't long long yet and some 19miles short of marathon distance that I'll need for the IM but I'm pleased with my pace... I'm planning on a run/ walk strategy for race day which is why I'm training like that... currently 1mile run 30 seconds walk... I think I may extend that to 1.5mile run and slightly longer walk. I'm sure the aid stations are about 1.5miles apart and plan to run between them and walk through.
  • I've been moaning recently about work. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful for the job and the people I work with are great - but the last few weeks (or is that months now) have been ridiculous (high stress and long days) for a variety of reasons (it's quarter end, auditors, financial systems which are so archaic they are not good at either effective or efficient work, and demands from the top which don't marry the ridiculousness of the systems... not that I wasn't warned about that at interview....) HOWEVER with the news of more military fatalities over in Afghanistan it kind of puts a reality check on things for me, particularly given I know quite a few poeple out there at the moment..... after all my work is not going to kill me. I'll keep it under review - what annoys me about the job at the moment is the work/ life balance is not what I want it to be, and that's why I made the changes I did last year. So either I get this sorted or I sort it by looking around for something new, but 6 months in a job probably isn't long enough for the CV!!
  • Had a good catch up and chat with my coach last night. Despite my lack of mojo the other week he's reassured me that I'm nicely on track for Barcelona and we talked a bit about the big goal for 2011... which is just so exciting, but I'm not even close to being at that one yet, so I'll share that with you on a later post!!
OK looks like that's my three things! Today's training plan is to have a nice long swim at the lake this evening which will be nice and fresh given the rain we've had overnight! HAPPY THURSDAY PEOPLE!


  1. I think i'm going to end up with a run/walk for my next HM just so I have time to safely build up the distance. your idea of matching the run/walk segments to the aid stations is brilliant!

  2. don't get me started about Afghanistan... *sigh* Don't like our people being there in harms way. Keep up the good work. Run/walking 7.2 in 70 is a good day for me :-)

  3. JulesR11:39 pm

    Very much looking forward to Five Things Friday, Six Things Saturday & Seven Things Sunday oh yes :)