Sunday, January 15, 2012

Not much Sunday

Well I've spent a happy Sunday, mainly chilling out with the odd bit of baking (banana bread!), and some family time as it's Dad's birthday on Wednesday - celebrated with a roast chicken and various samples of local (yes I said LOCAL) wine (and beer)... it was surprisingly all rather palatable (the wine that is - the food is always scrummy at my parents)!

Anyway - so any attempt at physical activity had to be done early - does hoovering count? Ummm.... lucky the only thing I planned for today was a blog review (I've spent ages phaffing about with not much in particular), and starting (for the nth time ), the 100 push up challenge - there is now an app for the phone and everything so what more of an excuse do I need!!??

So did my test and did manage more then I thought - although still only a measly 7!! HA HA HA ... 93 to go...

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  1. hoovering totally counts, especially on Sunday.