Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday Commute

In an attempt to get my return on investment on my commute bike I have taken to commuting to work on a Tuesday - despite the fact there are no showers at work..... no wait... I'm no stinker.... I'm trying a product called "no rinse".... So I can at least feel like I've attempted to freshen up when I get in to work..... So far I have had no complaints.

The ride isn't a bad one, a mixture of fairly busy roads and then some cycle paths. Currently I'm starting in the dark but finishing pretty much in daylight, although my road home is in the pitch black... My bike is a cross bike - I did try riding my normal roadie once before but frankly feel too exposed in the commute, my cross bike gives me a "get out of jail" type card as I can bump it up a kerb or through a pothole without as much danger. The ride in seems to set me up for the day, increasing my energy at work, whilst my ride home I find a really good wind down from a hectic day.
So far this year I had been lucky with the weather - one day of mild bright winter, and another day of freezing (-3) but bright weather..... then yesterday I got rain. Now I don't particularly mind the rain so much actually - if you gear up for it it should be no problem - alas as I was phaffing yesterday, on "I'm leaving now" take 3 or 4 I decided I couldn't be bothered for another round of phaff whilst I put my overboots on.

This was a mistake.

By the time I got to work my feet were soaked - literally had to wring my socks out in the sink! My other layers worked fine though.....

... I think this is what the office cleaner may have looked like had he found them.....

Of course - riding in means riding home.... putting on the wet socks was not too pleasant for my journey home - but at least I took the time to put my overboots on - my theory being that whilst the socks and shoes couldn't get any wetter at least my feet would be protected from the wind chill!!!

The slightly weird thing I'm finding is that in the dark (very dark) commute home drivers are much more cautious and thoughtful overtaking me... whether this is due to the fact that I am lit up like a Belisha Beacon or because drivers are calmer driving on the way home from work I don't know - but it is most welcome. I guess once the days get longer and I start commuting home in light I'll soon find out.


  1. great job with the commuting! my husband commutes too; i'll have to ask him about the drivers on the way home thing...

  2. entirely jealous that you are able to ride to work. One of these days, I'm going to pump up Bags' tires and give her a go! It's only 22 miles, in Atlanta traffic. No worries :-)