Sunday, June 30, 2013

Juneathon Day 29

Well day 29 was relatively straight forward... The plan said "run 6 miles at base pace".... So ... Having already done a good 30 Facial stretch in the morning this is exactly what I did setting off about noon.... Now I didn't exactly realise that for a change it was quite warm outside. Most unusual... But I didn't let this spoil my run ;) .... I set off on a normal run route then cut over a railway line (using the bridge I may add) before entering Gorrick Wood near Crowthorne. It was incredible lovely in there, all I could hear (other then my panting) was birdsong. A very peaceful place..... Had it not been so lovely I may have sworn more about the loose sandy path! Having run through the woods I was soon back in suburbia and on a main road so venture down an unknown path, which I suspected should com out on a path which went around the local golf club.

Fortunately the path did indeed come out where I suspected so had a quiet footpath jog through the golf club and finally returning towards home.

Long run done at midday, slightly hot!

Total of about 6miles in about an hour and some minutes.

Day 29 done.

One more day to go.... Just one more day...

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Juneathon Day 28 - Flex your digest with a bit of Yoga

Yesterday was going to be a Yoga type of day - so I found a different session to do on the DYWM website and, as I was going to be consuming a pie and a pint in about an hours time (yesterday evening this was) I thought I'd do the one from coach David Procyshyn called "Yoga for Digestion - Quickie" .... I had no idea what so ever what this was going to be about but it was just over 20mins long so fitted my window.

Now I have to say I've never done Yoga like it - it was kind of interesting and kind of weird ... there were these diaphragm exercises which were, well weirdly odd... but here is the thing..... at this time of year I get quite tight in the chest (asthma from the pollen, I know this even though I am an asthmatic in denial..) and whilst the asthma is pretty much in control typically my upper back and chest muscles are quite constricted... and, as it would appear, is my diaphragm..... I'm not sure if this session would work for everyone but I went with it and not only did it give my tummy a lovely relaxed feeling but my chest really felt released after - my diaphragm in particular. So I think I'll give it a couple of days and do this again and see what happens.

Thanks again Juneathon as without the habit I've now formed and with a firm target in place I may never have done Yoga today and found such an interesting little work out!

Summary for 28th June;
Yoga - 20mins

I have a run scheduled for today (day 29) and probably a bike (and a celebratory coffee and cake) for Day 30!!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Juneathon Day 27 - Little Intervals in a run

I'm finding Juneathon easier on my days when I have a run planned and am a little forgetful in the days when I don't (as indicated in by blog post of Day 26)

So yesterday was easy - wait for some deliveries then go out for a 4.5 mile run with some 90s intervals "sprinkled" in whenever I wanted... as the interval length was longer then previous weeks the book said to do these at 3k pace.... Not that I have a clue how to pace myself!! As I'm using the table in the book though I get a rough idea, and given the interval was for 90s it's not like I was going to sprint was it. The interesting thing was when I got home at looked at my watch 3 of the 4 intervals were at exactly the same pace... well done me... maybe I am getting better at pacing after all.... indeed each of the base pace runs either side of these were also at the same pace!! I was a little gobsmacked by this I have to say!.... However the 4th interval and the final run section were both slower - not massively but significantly enough - so maybe I didn't pace myself so well after all!

Only a few days left now of Juneathon - I really thank audiofuel for tweeting about this and the person who started it all off... it has really given me a nice way to focus and get back into the exercise habit!

Summary for Day 27
Ran 4.6 miles in about 47mins

Incidentally my blog entries for June has now surpassed that for the whole of 2011!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Juneathon Day 26

Gosh it was a close one yesterday....

I was just getting ready for bed when I suddenly realised I'd done pretty much nothing active all day (I don't count a quick browse of Marks & Spencers as a potential Juneathon entry!)

Fortunately though I had planned on only doing a 15min core stability routine (yes you guessed it from that book) .... Am getting quite used to this exercises but am still very weak... I'm pretty sure I have no muscle in my right butt cheek as I am particularly unstable and tire on that side.... Given the size of my arse this is a little surprising ;)

Having done my routines I went to bed relieved that I hadn't missed out on the Juneathon extravanganza especially when we are so close to the end!

Summary then for Wednesday 26 June:
Core stability exercises for 15mins

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Juneathon Day 25 - Hills

Blimey - we are almost there - the light at the end of the Juneathon tunnel is shinning brightly.... Brighter even then the "Super Moon" of the other day (but that is largely because I didn't see the moon due to cloud cover!)

Anyway... Yesterday Day 25 I went for a little jog supposedly at recovery pace (which by the way is something less then a 11min mile)... did that for about a mile and a bit then got to the current HILL of DOME... which is where I had my upset tummy a few weeks ago... this is the first time I have revisited this particular hill since then...

Anyway - 4 hill reps later and looking a bit pink in the face a slowly jogged by way home for just under a mile (I went a different way home hence it was shorter)... this time it wasn't so difficult to remain solidly in the recovery pace zone!!

Total for Juneathon Day 25: 3.2miles in about 35mins

On other matters of the Heart Rate monitor sort... Well you know I've been having some issues with my Garmin HR strap - having done some research I've found the Polar strap (which I know is soft on your skin and gives a good contact) can fit the Garmin transmitter... so I've ordered the strap (you can buy it on its own, there is clearly a demand from Garmin users!!)... so I will see how that works out!

Think I may celebrate the end of Juneathon on Sunday with a coffee and a cake!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Juneathon Day 24 - Back to swimming!

Somewhat surprised to say that when I woke up yesterday I wasn't aching at all from the previous days 40miles of cycling.. I really did expect to be sore - I did have a slightly tired feeling in my arms/ shoulders and legs but really hardly noticed it.... although I'm not sure my butt would have been too happy if I had sat back on my bike seat!! Ha ha!

So for Juneathon yesterday I did something I haven't done in a very VERY long while - I went to the public swimming pool for a swim... now I thought this a little daring especially given the preceding hour a school had been in the pool ;) ... but the water was surprisingly fresh and changing rooms clean.... so I don't know what school it was but clearly the kids were well looked after and behaved well!!!

I didn't have any specific plan or idea what I was going to do given it has been a while since I went to the pool... so settled for a 20min splash about - which ended up being about 22mins.... I did mainly front crawl with some drills and some breast and back stroke to mix it up a little. I think I did about 750-800m in total.... Long gone are the days when I could bash out a 3-4k swim...... The swim did feel good though - the only real problem with public pool swimming is the fact that the "fast" lane isn't particularly fast and so I think swimming multiple laps would be difficult with more then 2-3 people in the lane.... I managed one set of 100m the rest were done as 25 or 50m reps.

Still - (a) good to be in the pool and (b) another Juneathon entry bagged!! Total 22mins and 750m

Monday, June 24, 2013

Juneathon Day 23 - Wokingham Bikeathon

Yesterday was the day I literally got back on my bike - inspired by some live action at the IG London Nocturne and also some Channel 4 TV showing of triathlons I decided it was about time I got back on my two wheels as it has been some weeks. It also helped that my local town was running the annual "Bikeathon" which is a family friendly affair with two route 15miles or 35miles... My thoughts were I could do the 15miles but I could really challenge myself with the 35 - now I used to regularly be able to bash out this distance or longer when I was training for an IM a few years ago - but that was a few years ago and if I did the 35miles it would be the longest ride in over a year... and the longest ride of this year by some 12 miles (and that doesn't include the 3miles to and from the ride itself)... luckily I knew that if I felt awful at the 15mile mark I could always finish as the first bit of the challenge is the same.

So at about 9am off I pedalled to down town Wokingham to see what would be!

Whilst in the "registration on the day queue" I was surprised and very happy to see my oldest friend and her family - they were doing the 15mile ride - what a challenge for all of them! It was a fortunate moment so we had a quick catch up and chatter and agreed we should meet up for lunch sometime soon as she is one of the people I've not yet managed to catch up with since getting back home.

The ride itself started a little late and I have to say was, well not disorganised, but very crushed at the start. This isn't a timed ride or anything and the organisers did let batches of riders out on to the route every few minutes. But it was a VERY busy and a popular day for many groups of riders (of all ages and on all bikes which was great to see).... I have to say I even found the initial mile a little nerve-wracking - and I'm not a 7 year old and I'm 5'8 so could see what was going on... but it was congested, there were a lot of inexperienced bike riders (so weaving about the place)... I think perhaps if it is going to be this popular in the future the organisers may want to change the way or the place they start.... Still - it all worked out and the route was excellently marked up and food stations very well stocked!

The ride itself - well I went off far too fast... excited to be out and around cyclists I think! After a while I decided there was every chance I would blow up, especially if I were to do the longer ride as I had quite forgotten to stock my pockets or water bottles with any carbs! ... and whilst I did cycle past the first food stop it was because I wasn't expecting it and was too far past on a very narrow lane before I realised what I missed.

I saw the route split for the short to long ride and despite feeling a little tired decided there were enough people heading straight on and I should just carry on as well! So - now committed to the 35mile ride, unless of course I canned it as I went within .5mile from my home!! I soon felt my legs whilst going up a couple of small ascents - and I mean small... but then my bike legs are not what they were!... but still felt okish - just in need of a little bite to eat!! At about mile 18 some guy came past me and I decided sucking into a wheel would be the order of the day - he was actually pacing another guy around and so like a clam I sucked onto their wheels - which was hardish going but not as hard as taking the wind ;)

We finally made it to food stop 2, which thankfully they decided to stop at too, where I literally inhaled 3 mini Mars bars - and I don't particularly like Mars Bars usually but at that moment the sticky sugary sweetness of them was just what I needed!

We soon departed and headed off for the final 9-10miles, I had thanked them for their wheels and they were happy enough for me to continue.... although I struggled to keep in contact in parts... but still managed (I think they slowed up for me!) to be with them to the end...34+miles ridden, knackered and job done!...  I didn't get to thank them as they cycled straight through the town and didn't stop for their finishers medal and goody bag (at least I somehow missed them at the finish so assume this is what they did). So numbers 200 and 335 THANKS!!

Having finished, got my medal and sucked on a piece of orange (there was no chocolate at the end!)... I changed into my granny gear for some easy spinning on three miles home!

Total time 2:28:55 for 40.3miles which includes my easy poodle to and from the ride and some time stopped.

Thanks Wokingham Council for putting on a great event!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Juneathon Day 22

I'd like to first point out that with this post I have - this month - equalled the number of blog entries I did for the whole of 2012! GOSH!

I am a born again blogger - well at least this month I am - now that I have re-established this habit who knows what may come of my blogging next month?!

Anyway - back to the point of this - Juneathon Day 22 and yes this was yesterday as always (apart from that one day!) my blogging is a day behind the event itself.

Believe it or not - as I only had 18 weeks to Henley Half Marathon after I entered it - it meant I "started" the "plan" already at week 3, and guess what... week 4 is a recovery week... ha ha ha ... so this weeks long run at base pace was a nice 4miles.... actually 4.2 miles if I'm precise (the plan was 4 but I did more mainly because I didn't want to walk home in the rain!)

I had a good run out but as usual found my cadence and overall running form deteriorate as I went through my journey - the second half being a bit uglier in every way then the first - but still much more pleasant then the whole of the long base run I did last Sunday.

So - Saturday June 22 - ran 4.2 miles in an easy 43mins

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Juneathon Day 21

An easy one for Friday 21st June

... 15mins of core stability and strength exercises - based on the Brain Training for Runners programme... I like this as it doesn't involve a lot of brain power to either think about the exercises or do them - quite ironic given the book title.

So a short session and hence a short blog!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Juneathon Day 20

10 Days to go - hope I make it!

Yesterday 20th June was a run day.... originally intended to get this done early but suddenly it was 0830 and I didn't have enough time to squeeze it in before my day really got under way!

So just after 1815 I got my running gear on - the plan stated 3miles at base with 3*60 efforts spinkled in... I wasn't particularly looking forward to it I have to say as this week from about 2pm I am getting a bit tight chested in an asthmatic sort of way... now my asthma is only mild and I only get it this time of year.... and I don't let the fact it feels like I'm in a wetsuit with constricted lungs ever (ever) stop me doing something... it is just a little unsettling... but during the afternoon I dosed up and even took an antihistamine (I am an asthmatic in denial you see - so it takes a few days before I accept what is happening and do somethinng about it)...

Anyway - suitably prepared I went out and actually had a LOVELY little run - just stayed local and jogged down and back up the local flat bridle path.... it was a nice evening (if a little close), my asthma wasn't a problem (prior preperation had worked), and it helped me unwind my brain from the day. I have decided that my paces I'm following should be nudged up a level - sort of makes sense given the base pace I was running, and have been noticing the last few runs. I won't go too mental though and just nudge it up one level (this is all based on Brain Training for Runners by the way).

All in all.... 3.15miles in 31:29

Juneathon and on and on!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Juneathon Day 19

... an easy Day for 19th!

Basically just did the BT4R Core Stability and Strength exercises - which took about 15mins.

I also went to see my Aunt in hospital - I know hardly a Juneathon activity - but she just had a hip replacement op and it was great seeing her (also first time since I returned from out little holiday that I have).. but going to see her made be grateful for;

1. Our Health Service - both my Aunt and Uncle have had hip replacements in the last few months. The care they have both received in this procedure has been excellent - So thank you NHS!

2. Human energy... Despite my uncle only having the hip replacement a few months ago he was down his allotment yesterday morning being active - amazing eh! My Uncle and Aunt inspire me with their approach to life - they may not know that but I know it and thank them for it.

3. My health - this time last year I was not able to train and was waiting for an operation myself. When you have periods of being laid up in you life, there is little point wallowing but you do get to appreciate more so the times when you are fit and healthy and able to embrace activity. So - thank you to my health!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Witterings

OK - I know - a NON-JUNEATHON post! Shock...

So just a couple of other witterings.....

1. I finally got around to updating my race results page on my blog the other day. I realised all my PBs and my best "season" happened in 2009.. like 4 years ago... how time flies! This was the year I got a very late entry into London Marathon to do my first Marathon which was only a precious 4 weeks before my main 70.3 I had entered... I guess the marathon training set me up well for later in the season! I was also very consistent with my training that year - and interestingly was self coached too.

2. I realised that I haven't done actually finished a triathlon since 2010!!! in 2011 I was training for the World Long Course and the swim in that was cancelled so I don't count it as a triathlon and I entered a half (Little Woody) but DNF'd that... so the last actually Triathlon I finished was my Full Distance Challenge Barcelona in October 2010... it is now 2013 and this blog is supposed to be about TRIATHLON training... durr.... so


I've decided I want to find a little (aka sprint or super sprint) tri to do this season. I know we are already in June but if I get back in the pool and do a little bit there is no reason why I can't enter and finish this kind of distance. Whilst I'm focused on my half marathon training schedule I reckon I can easily supplement this with some swim and bike sessions.... So I just need to have a search on the internet and find something appealing!

3. I mowed the lawn of doom this morning.... so called as this is the place where the cat does his killing... so in killing fields today I had bird wings (no body), a mole (half in half out of its hole), and I think some innards (maybe from the bird?).... my cat is truly disgusting but he is only doing what comes naturally to him (and we have trained him rather well with his bouncing soft cat ball so what should I expect!)

Juneathon Day 18

Gosh - I almost forgot to blog day 18... which would have put me out of the Juneathon sweepstake.... if there is a sweepstake that is... in my mind there is .... and if there isn't well no matter - I will reward myself with something come the end of the month!!

Yesterday saw me back to running - a hill running day... no incidents to report (unlike a couple of weeks ago!).... a really pleasant run in the countryside - I had my pace zone (recovery pace) set up on my Garmin... this time with a rather alarming alarm sounding at me if I ran too fast or too slow for the zone!! I am quite liking the run paces from Brain Training for Runners and it is as well I'm using the paces for "zones" rather then a Heart Rate Zone because my Garmin HR Strap is giving me BONKERS readings.... to the point that if I believed it I'd be better off stopping and calling an ambulance!! But rather then let my watch put me off my stride I changed the screen so I didn't even see the HR throughout the workout - which is as well!!

My route took me up a bridle path where I originally planned to do my reps - but there were a lot of flies sitting in horse dung and frankly it was a bit overgrown... so I did my first 60s interval there and jogged out at the top of the path which joins a quiet country lane... and as the lane is actually on a hill... I did the remaining 2 reps there.... before having a leisurely jog home! The only "error" I made was thinking it was a cool day (because it was overcast), so I wore a long sleeve top... if only I had realised how humid it was under that cloud!! All in all an enjoyable, if rather sweaty, workout!

 Juneathon Day 18 in the bag!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Juneathon Day 17

After my horrible run on Sunday I was looking forward to a more gentle relaxing Yoga monday!

So - out came my laptop and found my way to the Do Yoga With Me website and switched on Melissa Mcleod for a nice Bend and Stretch session. There is something about Yoga which is quite satisfying - I never thought I'd say that!! But it definitely leaves me feeling both stretched, relaxed and chilled out - and no matter if I do it early or late it either sets me up for the day or relaxes me before bed.

So there is no real excuse in the future to not carry on adding Yoga to my exercise habit. .... Although I'm still weary of doing one of the "Fuji McAlpine" sessions from this website - she is more of a Yoga Ninja - have done one of her sessions before and ended up a bit of a Yoga mess!!

Anyway - Juneathon Day 17 done!!

Incidentally soon I will have blogged more in June this year then I did in the whole of 2006... although I only started blogging October 2006 ... and more blogging records will be broken on my way to completing Juneathon!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Juneathon Day 16

Another week over - another day of Juneathon!

Yesterday was a "base run" day and for whatever reason I found it incredibly horrible... there are days when you run like the breeze and days when you run in sludge - this was a sludge day... this is my training diary entry having just finished....

Gosh this really didn't feel good! I think combination of things - I felt like I was taking it in the "easy" zone. My pace was ok in the base zone (too fast to start with)... thought my HRM was again going bonkers but did check a couple of times and actually my HR was quite high for me in a slow run - so don't know what is going on there - maybe it was because I didn't have a coffee in the morning beforehand!! ;)... .BT4R said this was supposed to be a 6mile run but I am a fan of time over distance and as I got home in just over an hour and 5.8miles this seemed a suitable time to stop. Did see some lovely fields full of buttercups and took a nice picture and did help one old lady with driving directions (which meant I got a fortunate mini rest in the middle)... I like the route - just wasn't loving the moment today!

And here are a couple of pictures I took on the route.....

and this is what cooked for me when I got home (I am VERY lucky!)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Juneathon Day 15

Half way... and I wasn't about to be undone my horrid weather and the urge to hibernate... although it was gone 10pm when I got down to something... I like Juneathon... it is getting me motivated and keeping me honest and getting me back into the swing of regular activity - no matter how small or large that activity is.

Juneathon Day 15 ... ok I didn't do much but I did 15mins of core/ functional stability as per Brain Training For Runners p.368

15 days down, 15 days to go.... ohh yeah!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Juneathon Day 14

Yesterday morning I actually managed to get out the house and do an early run - it reminded me that I do like running the early part of the day; peaceful and quiet and I think sets me up for the day ahead... if only I could remind myself of that when I first get out of bed ;) .....

Anyway - I was going to do a loop run (I prefer loops to out and backs), but having had a lovely 20mins in quiet residential area leading to bridle paths and country footpaths I came across a main road which was beginning to flow with early morning commuter traffic..... so I decided rather then inhale exhaust fumes for my way home I'd simple turnaround and enjoy the same peace and quiet I had enjoyed on the way out!

So Juneathon Day 14 I ran for 4miles in about 43mins (this was ran at "base pace"... )

I also managed 10mins of a stretch warm up.... this in itself is a miracle ;)

Juneathon still going and we are nearly half way!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Juneathon Day 13

Yes yes - shocking - I am blogging on the actual day of activity.... it has been a double blog day!!

I went to the dentist today - surely that SHOULD count as a Juneathon activity - it does after all get your heart rate increased and stresses your body....

... but just in case the dentist doesn't count I also did a 32min session of Yoga, the Twist and Stretch session... I have done this before and still find it challenging but not too difficult and feel stretched and relaxed after. Nice! I also think it helps "unkink" me from both sitting and stretch me from muscles which have tightened from running.... so definitely worth doing!

Juneathon Day 12

.... busy day .... and I wore "work" shoes for the first time in about 8months and walked in them leading to painful blisters... does walking in work shoes count as a Juneathon activity?!.... ok maybe not...

But I did do a short but important workout .... 15mins of "Brian Training for Runners" Resistance workout which is pretty much all about core conditioning working on all those little out of the way muscles which help stabiliser your pelvis area whilst running - the hope of which is that you are stronger, so your running form is "better" and hence you are less likely to get injured. So whilst only 15mins of frankly not very high intensity effort, an important 15mins all the same. So that is what I'm claiming for my June 12th Juneathon entry!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Juneathon Day 11

Gosh it is the 12th and I almost forgot about blogging about Day 11... that would have seen me kicked out of the competition for sure!!!

Yesterday I got back to running ... YEAH ME!

As I mentioned before I have been so inspired by Juneathon that I have entered a half marathon... I know it isn't until October but I need that long to train for it!!

... as we all like a good plan to stick to (well I do anyway) I have decided upon the one laid out by Matt Fitzgerald in "Brain Training for Runners"... and as there isn't 20 weeks till my race I have started at week 3 of his 20 week Level 1 Half Marathon Programme.

I've adapted the days slightly so I can do my longer run on Saturday - so yesterday was hill interval day (remember this from last week?) but as I've effectively gone back several weeks in the book it got a bit easier! I also am trying to stick to the suggested paces for my anticipated level (not that I have done any timetrial to actually find out)..... so yesterday I....

Ran in total 3.75 miles in just over 47mins

I know this pace sounds very slow... and actually it was.... the 1.5miles was ran at recovery pace, somewhere between 11-13 min mile... and I initially found this pretty hard to do I have to say. But did crack it and found it really relaxing once I got into it. The hill reps I did on a different hill to normal (a shorter one for starters)... the plan said 5 reps of 45sec hill with 2min "active" recovery (which I decided meant walk back down the hill!).... having done that I jogged another 1.25miles (was supposed to be 1.5 but I was already home!) .... Felt like the length of recovery time meant the 45s hill reps were good quality - really did quite enjoy myself out there!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Juneathon Day 10

It really did get pathetic on Day 10.....

I did a 10min Skimble work out (this is a GREAT app, search for "workout trainer"... or this is the website)

Anyway I did the "10min Wake-up Call" which is a mix including a little bit of abs work. Ironically enough I didn't do this until the early evening when it did indeed feel like I had only just woken up (I had a busy morning and sluggish afternoon ... you know what I mean)...

Anyway... today (11th it is nearly 5pm and I have yet to Juneathon for today - but fear not I have a plan, literally I half marathon plan and so today I will actually be running!... but I will post about that tomorrow!)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Juneathon Day 9

I was completely out of sorts yesterday and despite only consuming 2 San Miguel on Saturday night felt like I had been poisoned.

Once my household chores were over in the morning I felt incredible blah and so motivating myself to go out on a run or ride proved difficult - so I had a nap instead!

But to wanting to exit Juneathon so soon I did do something!! I walked to the local shop and back.. which I know hardly counts... and then I did 35min of Yoga thanks to DoYogaWithMe and Melissa McLeod. This time I tried the "Bend and Stretch" routine which was my first go at this - and it was a great, easy, Yoga work out - you can tell it must be doing some good when your back does a triple pop pop pop as you practise your breathing drills!!

My Juneathon totals so far are (I have excluded my walking mind);

Swim - Nothing
Bike - 38.9km in 1hrs 32
Run - 24.1km in 2hrs 41
Yoga - 1hr 38
Stretching - apparently only 16mins (maybe I haven't recorded that so well or maybe just  maybe I'm not stretching!!!)

So a total of just over 6hrs for 9 days effort which isn't too bad given I have really only been a sloth this year so far!!

...and for the record... so inspired by Juneathon have I been that I actually entered a race! So booked in for Henley Half Marathon mid October!... gulp!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Juneathon Day 8

Do to phaffing and a very social engagement (we went to watch at the Nocturne in London - very excellent and very exciting cycling event... ) for Juneathon Day 8 I only did; 32mins Twist and Stretch session

also did a speed walk from Smithfield Market (home of the Nocturne) back to Waterloo which is about 1.5miles.. so I'll sort of bag that too?!

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Juneathon Day 7

Due to considerable phaffing and other important distractions I didn't do the planned "Brain Training for Runners" run yesterday... but I did go out (if a little late in the day.. .ok actually it was the evening but it was a glorious evening....)..... and it was going to be a short one (because Friday night pie night is important in our household)..... so I concentrated on my cadence and the effect of keeping that the same and shortening or lengthening my stride.

Clearly the longer the stride the faster I went and so the more tiring!.... but as I'm trying to remaster my appropriate paces at the moment it was a good exercise in sensing the stride length to cadence to pace... if that makes sense.

So - 7th June (Juneathon Day 7) I....
Ran for 2.1miles in 21mins

... and then I ate pie and had a pint!

Friday, June 07, 2013

Juneathon Day 6

Due to the previous day stomach issues the 6th of June was a quiet Juneathon day....

But in order to complete the task (as walking does count too....)...... I

Walked for 1.25miles in about 21mins

And also (fanfare please)... completed Week 1 Day 2 (at the third attempt) of the "Push Up Challenge" which involved doing 10, 12, 8, 8, 12 reps with 90s rest between each set.... I have taken a sneak peak at the next workout set and it looks a bit daunting... luckily I won't be trying it until Sunday!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Juneathon Day 5

It should have read something like..... Press up challenge repeat of day 2, Run of about 5k in 35mins (including 5*90s hill reps)....

However.... I went out for my run feeling odd... Did my mile warm up... Saw my HR had sky rocketed and put that down to either running too fast or my dodgey Garmin Heart rate monitor.... Did one hill rep and had a bit of stomach cramping.... And by the 3rd rep I was like the preverbal bear wanting to desperately crap in the woods.... But there were no woods just private driveways in this very rural trail/ road..... So I stopped my watch and basically walked back home doing the runners pray.... "please do not crap yourself" .... I made it home in time...!!... And didn't bother with any stretching, any yoga or any push ups!

Was this all too much info?!

Anyway it seems I have a bit of a tummy bug, or more likely poisoned myself....

In summary on June 5th, day 5 of Juneathon I ...

Ran for 24mins and 2.1miles

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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Juneathon Day 4

Yesterday on 4th of June I...

Stretched using my Skimble routine which was a nice 16min warm up and then followed this with an "easy" (ha ha ha) 5mile run at base pace so that took me about 54mins!!

.... was a lovely day for a run though so can't complain!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Juneathon Day 3

On Monday 3rd June ... I took it a little easier....

Cycled to and from the local town and so covered in total 9.3k in 23mins.....

Monday, June 03, 2013

Juneathon Day 2

For Sunday 2 June I......

Warmed up and recovered my Garmin from a unscrupulous, thieving leaflet distributor who decided my Garmin (which was on the doorstep finding a signal as I got warmed up before my run)... was fair game and pocketed it.... fortunately after a couple of mins I realised what could have happened and found the deceitful cheating person and asked him if he had... he did duly return it so no harm no foul right... apart from the fact he did take the device from my doorstep....

ANYWAY..... I...

Ran 1:02:30 for 9.34k
Tried day 2 of the "Push Up Challenge" (yes I am trying it again)... this should have been 10, 12, 8, 8, 12 pushups with 90s rest between each set... yet again I failed and made.... 10, 12, 8, 7, 7... grrrr... so shall redo this one on Wednesday.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Juneathon Day 1

Yesterday, 1 June for the first day of Juneathon I.....

Woke up and did a 32min "Stretch and Twist" Yoga session thanks to the nice people at DoYogaWithMe

... and then .... when I could then get my arse in gear I got out on my bike for a pedal around the local roads... it was a lovely morning for it (for a change.. the weather since we have got home has been simply horrid!)....

In summary
Yoga: 0:32:00
Bike: 1:09:21 for 29.76km

I did some hoovering too but don't think that counts ;)

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Juneathon 2013 - All Signed up!

Now - I know you were expecting my next blog post to be about the honeymoon journey post New Zealand didn't you? For the record and just in case you didn't know this was a rather long cruise from Auckland to Seattle... passing some wonderful places on the way...

But no....

Earlier today  I was having a look at Twitter and saw a tweet from @audiofuel about "Juneathon 2013".... The website gives a nice little bit of history of the "event" and the rules state you don't have to run everyday just participate in some form of exercise every day through June. So I thought why not.... after all since coming home I've decided, after a year off regular exercise (some enforced through injury and some due to excessive chilling out!)... that this would be a good framework for me to create new and good exercise habits.

So signed up I have!

I am to exercise everyday through June AND blog about it within 24 hours.... so my blog rate is going to go into some sort of hyper drive (especially given the past couple of years of rather relaxed blogging)!

... and don't worry ... I will also sneak in there a couple more blogs about the honeymoon (we have two sections to go..... The cruise and The USA!)... and I may also drop in a couple of other general blogs about the plans I'm hatching for my exercise goals for the rest of this year and into next.