Saturday, December 21, 2013

Epic Failure....


Whilst I like my new job, the role, the people and the place are great..  I do dislike having quarter end/ year end/ next year planning all at the same time....this comes with the territory with the type of role and for this week has lead to long hours... which would be fine would it not be for the fact I was hoping to get in to some sort of training rhythm.... so I am frustrated - largely at myself to be honest.. as I probably could have done better.... . Monday morning I got my abs and stretches in... and then  I probably could have work left on time Monday evening to get to the pool even for a short swim.. but didn't realise what the time was so failed with that. Tuesday I did get on my bike and did a commute to and from work... success

Wednesday basically I couldn't get myself up at 6am for a run in the dark, wind and rain and was at work before 8 and left and 7 so was hardly likely to go for a run in the evening.... but I should and could have done my run early....

Thursday morning should have been a swim morning but given Wednesday's schedule I had to change my visit to my sports guy to get my upper back unlocked to early Thursday morning ... so I got that visit done instead of going swimming early, then it was another later night in the office... and by Friday I was basically simply too knackered to do anything and another longish day fueled by caffeine and sugar led to the scheduled "rest" day being achieved.. but given that was my third rest day in a row I'm not sure it counts!...

Today I could have gone on my club ride but frankly the ambient light hasn't got above the light you get at dusk and I have no urge to do anything and feel whipped out!..  - so this is my fault I may get on my turbo trainer but I'm not going to stress over it as I just feel like I need to decompress from the week past if I'm honest.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to feel more energised and back on track for a swim & run day..... whinging over!!

At least it is the shortest day of the year so from now on every single day gets that little bit lighter (until June)! I always make this point this time of year - because, well, I like sunshine and long for the longer days :)

I also got an email this week about the prospective start of Janathon.... so I have just signed up for that... I think I may be mad .... so a lot of short blogs to come in January ;)

Janathon participant logo

In light of my last blog post too I'm going to clean up my feedly feeds as well, currently there are too many sport blogs in there both from days gone by and from last years Junathon which has led to feedly overload and so actually less chance of me following anything or anyone!


  1. Look on the bright side - the days are getting longer from here on out. It's Winter Solstice! Yippee!!!! It will make it easier to get those workouts in. :-)

    1. Too right Lisa!... Love Winter Solstice (I think I must be an ex Druid or something... ha ha... ).. so yes getting the workouts in should get easier with the light and some discipline!! :)

  2. With more light the morning workouts are better. It is almost sad to go to the swimming pool or to start a run when it's cold and completely dark. All the best.