Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Empty Desk

You are not in the office today
You have so suddenly gone away
I hear your laugh, I see your smile
My brain cannot comprehend
Like the sound of wind through the forest
You were there
And now you are gone
RIP my colleague, my friend
I wish I had the chance to know you longer
The End.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

January Stato

Well 1/12th of the year has gone already and the shops are full of Easter eggs....

Despite me signing up Janathon, Winter Mile AND I kind of failed but kind of succeeded with my January goals. I didn't think it likely I would complete each and everyone of those challenges because January is a rather nuts month at work BUT I entered them to give me some inspiration and to keep me motivated - and for this they were a success! I also had a "secret" goal which I had set myself in runkeeper of running 60km of more in the month and that one I did charge through.

So all in all I am quite pleased that despite the failure on the surface I did actually achieve what I set out to do; blog more, exercise more and get into better habits.

This little picture (thanks to SportTracks) shows what I mean;

And specifically;... Total of 226km travelled in 21hrs and 26mins
Run: Total 72.3km in 7hrs 26min (up considerably from December - now want to set myself a new target for Feb!)
Bike: Total 146.4km in 7hrs 26mins (Same as December as I said last month I ought to have a bike goal for February!)
Swim: Total 7.50km in 3hrs (Same time as December but slightly more metres, weekly hit and miss, strive for more consistency)
Other Stuff (Yoga, stretching, core etc) 3hrs 36mins (40mins more then December must keep up the core, strength and stretching)

Whilst Janathon is officially over for another year I still have some miles to clock up for both Jantastic.Me and WinterMiles Challenge. I am going out for my long run in a bit and this weekend counts as week 4 for January so I will have completed the 2 of the 4 weeks doing 3 runs per week and over 10miles per week.

I wondering how many km of running I should aim for in February??... Given it is a few days shorter and I'm travelling quite a bit this will make it an extra tough challenge.... hummmm