Friday, May 30, 2014

How did I go from March to May (ok June)

... without having done one blog - not one?!

I have been vacationing in some different universe I think.....

...No wait.... No.. I've actually been training (what?!).... OK so not a lot of training and actually that isn't my real excuse is it.. no I've just forgotten my blog existed...

Anyway - I'm here now - but only to say - I'm racing on Sunday.... I'm racing my first triathlon in over errr 2.5years... and actually that triathlon wasn't a triathlon because the swim got cancelled.... so if I think back; the race before that I DNF'd (I swam, I biked but I only ran 10k before going in an ambulance)... so when was the last race I actually did which had all three elements in it..that I finished.??...


Challenge Barcelona in 2010?! IS THAT RIGHT?! ARE YOU SERIOUS??


S'ok though... I mean I'm starting off again right? Like a phoenix from the flames I shall rise (out of the water), get on my bike and run a little after...).... I perhaps should have thought about this before now.... Too late - OUTLAW HALF awaits on Sunday.

Prepared - Kinda

Ready - Don't feel like it

Can I do it - Hummm I will, although I'm not expecting it to be pretty

No pressure; I don't feel in the best of shape compared to those years ago, but perhaps in about the same shape when I did my first middle distance triathlon in 2008... My plan is to swim and hopefully not freeze (it has been raining and cold for over a week now and the water temp is a balmy (not 16 degrees), to bike and hopefully not crash (there are speed bumps approaching T2 and we all know what happened before at another race with that featured)... and to run/ walk the half marathon. I'm hoping that the weather won't be truly awful and may even be quite pleasant (I live in hope)... Either way... if I keep moving forward with a smile on my face it will be "fun" yes?!

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