Sunday, January 04, 2015

Janathon 15 Day 4

Yep.... Still going... 27 more days to go.... That sounds a lot... So I will just be pleased I made it to day 4 for now!!!

Given a wimped out of my club ride yesterday due to a better weather forecast today I was pleased to see no rain this morning.... Freezing fog as predicted but no rain ☺️... All apps predicted the fog would lift about 10 and so it did... So whilst the temperature didn't get above 1 degree I did go out.... Not at all speedy but I pretty much blame that of the temperature... Whilst my core was pretty much ok, my lower back must have had less layers then anywhere else... I wore some bib winter tights which were excellent but I guess my coat raised up a bit so just less layers... Happy with my 2hrs 20 mins... Had difficulty getting my leg over my bike when I got home such were the fixed state of my legs.... Brrrr... And I have to say thanks to the driving community... Most drivers were brilliant, were patient and gave a lot of room overtaking which I was grateful for given the conditions.... 

Having got home and warmed up it was the day to take down the Christmas tree and chop it up into green sacks so it can be picked up tomorrow... I am going to count that as a little Janathon activity too 😉

Summary then for Day 4

Ride: 2hrs 20mins 58k including frozen bum
Tree demolition: 30mins including blowing up hedge trimmer, sawing of trunk and stuffing it all into bags

Oh yes... And he had ANOTHER cat present this morning... Thankfully smaller as it was very much alive so I duly caught it and returned it to the forest!

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