Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tracking resting HR

Over the last month I've been wearing a fitbit... Not to measure steps or activity but I've been interested to see how my resting HR is stacking up... As I've signed up for a full distance tri next year (yep let the madness commence), I thought I'd start tracking my resting HR more out of interest to see if it points or correlates to anything.

A month is not long enough for my little experiment but in essence as you can see from the screen shot below it steadily raised through the end of September and start of October and then has plummeted again. Now the last two weeks I've been on holiday so stress levels non existent and no exercise!

When it spiked I picked up a cold ... I read some research recently which suggested resting HR increase rather then being attributable to say over training, could be a precursor to having a bug. Well one month and one user and one bug is no statistical evidence ...and given it was quarter end this also coincideded with a busier time at work so could have been related to that.

So I will continue with my little experiment and see if I notice any patterns... Given we are now journeying home I'm expecting at least for my resting HR measure to come up over the weekend as I shock my body with some running and biking!

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