Race Results

I am actually trying to use Athlinks.com to track all my results - this is a pretty darn good website which anyone can use! If a race is missing you can add the url and tell them about it then they load all the results from that race... you can then keep everything in one place... here is a link to me

Or... I have copied and pasted the results table below! Not much in 2012 as I was injured from June! 2013 is a bit devoid of anything too but then we were having a lovely time on extended honeymoon until Mid-May... so I have excuses, I'm not just a slacker ;0)

... The only events which seem to be missing are ParkRun events but nevermind...


Event Name & CourseStateDatePlc APlc GPlc OPaceFinal

Bristol 10km Run 2012BRI5/20/129831311548:3453:16


Event Name & CourseStateDatePlc APlc GPlc OPaceFinal
Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series - Dorset - Trail Run-10KDOR12/3/1195112113:111:21:57
ITU Long Distance World Championship 2011NV11/5/11322166538:08:42
Grant & Stone Wycombe 10k & Half Marathon 2011BER7/17/1141476879:442:07:38
New Forest 10 2011HAM7/10/11361836509:351:35:58
Shinfield 10k 2011BER5/2/1117533688:4454:16


Event Name & CourseStateDatePlc APlc GPlc OPaceFinal
Challenge Barcelona 2010BAR10/3/1075168613:30:53
The Little Woody 2010HER8/28/10114900:00
Shock Aborber Women only Triathlon 2010 - Sprint Tri -400M Swim, 20K Cycle, 5K RunBER7/3/10827281:55:39


Event Name & CourseStateDatePlc APlc GPlc OPaceFinal
Bala Standard Triathlon 2009GWY9/13/0980835072:40:05
Bala Standard Distance Triathlon 2009WMID9/13/091835202:40:05
Antwerp Ironman 70.3 ~ 2009ANT8/2/0917606925:38:14
Ironman 70.3 Austria 2009VIE5/24/093216415496:00:36
Flora London Marathon 2009LON4/26/09330452472180810:514:44:25
Thames Turbo Sprint Series Race 1 2009LON4/13/0919362381:20:59
Reading Half Marathon 2009REA3/29/091140065109:031:58:41


Event Name & CourseStateDatePlc APlc GPlc OPaceFinal
The Vitruvian Triathlon 2008349/6/0821895946:08:44
The Vitruvian 20081769/6/0821915956:08:44

F3 Events Evening Tri 2008037/30/081181791:21:59
The Wakefield Triathlon 2008617/6/089763473:05:02
Ironman Uk 70.3506/15/0815606207:06:22
Lisbon Etu European Triathlon Championships 2008295/11/0817945753:00:12
Asics Reading Half Marathon 20081423/2/08270167668119:182:01:53
Eton Timex Womens Challenge446/30/074285852:07:53


Event Name & CourseStateDatePlc APlc GPlc OPaceFinal
Henley Half Marathon 20070310/14/07138412709:572:10:21
Newbury Triathlon - 2007039/1/0715151881:18:17
Michelob Ultra London Triathlon 2007 (Tower Bridge Route) - Olympic Tri (Female) Swim:1500m / Bike:38.7K / Run:9.8K1428/6/07352402402:46:06
Axlr8 Wellington Triathlon 2007BRA6/24/077181131:09:17
Eton Supersprints 2007035/20/07311297281:23:05


Event Name & CourseStateDatePlc APlc GPlc OPaceFinal

The Thames Valley Triathletes Concorde Triathlon 2006448/20/061552401:28:12