Monday, May 07, 2007

2008 Open Water

No I'm not going to wait until 2008 to try out Open Water..... 2008 is my race number for Blenheim! I'm on the last start of the day on the Saturday sprints... 14:15 I start! I'm not sure what I should aim for as a finish time as the swim is longer then I've done before (750m and it's open which will be a first), the bike route isn't that good apparently, flat but not on tarmac, total of 19.8km, then a two lap 5.4km run at the end. Will be glad to get out of the swim in one piece then just enjoy the rest will be the aim I think!.... which brings me too....

Yep - I did it yesterday morning....
0540 - alarm went off (what!!)
0545 - got up, largely because the light was on and the cat nibbled my nose (well done muffin)

Got to the lake at 0630, yes early but most OW swim venues only open between 0600 - 0900 (a time I'm usually found still in my duvet!). In order to encourage me to actually go I signed up for a swim class which I have to say not only got me out of bed (as I'd already paid!), but was really worth it for the experience the coach shared with us. Got into the water slow and steady, acclimatised feet (well you have no choice with these being first!), then hands, then face and neck then splash! Did a bit of floating around and then took the face plunge! Really weird initially. I'm pretty comfortable with water but I still had a momentary "ek" moment when I first went head down! Still found out how to spot (not great at that), and not surprisingly I sort of steer left (probably cos rightie is still a bit weak)..... So my swim session lasted about an hour out and about 35mins in the water.... and yes it was cold.... very cold! Brrrrrrr!

Really glad I went and really enjoyed it once I got over the initial hurdle of getting in. Have three and a bit weeks to Blenheim so at least three more opportunities for open swimming, I don't want the race to be my second time - that may just freak me out!

Managed a strength session yesterday afternoon including some core work so am suitably aching this morning in a nice kind of way. Currently waiting to see if the clouds will clear for a bike ride, doesn't look likely and as I'm a fair weather cyclist I may just go to a spin class tonight!

Quick summary of the week then;
Swim: 2hrs 15' 3.55km (Mon, Wed, Sun) Mostly drills and an OW session :o)
Bike: 3hrs 32' 53km (Mon, Wed, Fri) A good 2hr MTB session :o)
Run: 1hrs 55' 17.3km (Mon, Tue, Fri) A good tempo and good long slow run :o|
Strength: 2hrs (Wed, Sun) I am weak but one day I will be strong! :o)
Total: 9hrs 42mins and 73.9km

Pretty happy with that although could have done with one more run in the week but still v happy with both tempo run and easy run I did during the week.

That's it for now - I have now outblogged myself from last month!!


  1. Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely do NOT let Blenheim be your second open water swim! Trust me! I know this now :-)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    The man didn't call it a "Sports Massage," he called it a "Theraputic Massage" Ha.

    The open water sounds like so much fun, but it also sounds very hard. I just get creeped out at the thought of swimming with fish and seaweed and ew!

    Good luck with your upcoming triathalon.

  3. My first open water swim will be two days before my first open water tri which is less than two weeks away. so i'll be going through the same things!!

  4. Check out this site: I've used it to calculate weird distance tri's.

    Congrats on your first Open Water. That is one of the hardest hurddles to get over. Now its done when are you going to swim the English Channel?