Thursday, May 10, 2007


I feel like a car on a cold day whose choke hasn't been pulled out properly - remember those cars?!!? They turn over, you think they're going to start then they just don't...

So got to my spin class in the end Monday which was hard - evil hard - but one that makes you feel saintly after. Jumped straight on the treadmill for a quick 1k er whilst the class warmed down and then went for a swim..... and this is where my week started to go wrong..... Got my good old "workouts in a binder" book out and figured it's about time I continued the swim build I did at Lanzarote and go for a full on "Endurance (speed)" session which went something like this... are you ready....
Warm-up (wait for this...):
300m swim
200m kick
100m swim
12*25m moderate (:10s rest)
WHAT - that's the warm up??.... joking right... well no - so I did that, choosing to front crawl my way through all the swim sections.... the next "bit" was supposed to be a main set of:
4 (yes that's four) sets of [300m mod (:20sRI)+2*75PFQ(:15s RI) +bonus rest 30s]
THEN 400m Kick (100easy, 200mod, 100easy).....what again!........ and then ... warm-down of just 100m..... huh....

What I actually did.......
Warm-up: tick
Set 1: tick
Set2:... uh-uh.... bonk! Never made that... just had to stop half way through one of the 75m runs.... what was that about... not like me at all. Not that I thought I'd be able to complete the whole workout but didn't expect just to blow up like that. Couldn't figure it out at the time really... but then the next day came and all became clear.

Tired. Lethargic. Ears sore. Throat sore. A summer lurgy! Hey ho - well there are times you just gotta listen to your body and rest up .. or in my case sleep... 12 hours a night for the last couple and I think I'm beginning to feel the first spurts of energy coming back. So if I sleep well tonight and feel ok tomorrow and I may take myself out for a little jog, 3 days off can't do any harm although annoying - I need my endorphins after all!... but in the meantime... sleep...zzzzzz's (ok after a bit of staring at the box in the corner of the room they call a tv).


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