Monday, May 14, 2007

An endurance sport....

Golf! I'm not kidding - doesn't it take an age! We had a big family golf day yesterday where I caddied for my uncle... The day was FAB, despite the best efforts of the weather to rain us off, but it did take a llllll-ooo-nnnnnnnn-gggg time to complete the round. So I consider that some good mental endurance training for my future triathlons ;o)

With the return of my energy beans on Friday I got back to the Tri stuff at the weekend. Went on a mtb trail ride Saturday morning, a swift 25k in an hour and a half (sounds like a fast time but actually a lot of it was on road rather then off). Rightie stood up to the bumps really well so pleased with that. Got back to the event start, washed the mud off the bike and secured it before going straight out for a 5k run. Still fully clad in my mtb gear covered in mud i must have looked a bit of a strange sight! Still I did the run in 27mins which was surprising, although it did begin to hurt a bit on the way back! Had some warming veg chilly when I got back to the start again, followed by a shower and some RETAIL THERAPY in the bike shop! Purchased one set of sparkly new aerobars for Biancha! Am undecided as to whether to try this on her before Blenheim or not....hummm

Was *supposed* to go Open yesterday morning but had major cramping legs overnight Saturday and decided floating around in a lake wouldn't necessarily be the best or safest option. So I went to the local public swimming pool instead. Got the old "workouts in a binder" out and set about one of the endurance sessions. Made the majority of it before they shut the fast lane and put us front crawlers in with the above the water breast strokers and, well it was carnage. So I had a swim down at that stage - but not until I had done the following (and look at some of these times - the pool must have been shorter then normal!!!);
6 * 75m (20s Rest Interval): 1:26.2, 1:23.5, 1:25.3, 1:28.4, 1:26.4, 1:28.2
Main Set
2 * 200m (20s RI): 4:03.0, 4:02.9 (Consistent!!)
100m Easy (20s RI): 2:11.4
2 * 300m (30s RI): 6:18.9, 6:23.7
100m Easy (20s RI): 2:15.6
1 * 400m (40s RI): 8:10.2 (Fan Fare! I new record! I told you the pool must be shorter!)
2 * 200m (Easy 30s RI): 2:17.0, 2:13.7

So the session was supposed to be another 400m, another 100m easy and the warm down was another 6*75 (50 Free and 25 Back). But still I'm really pleased with what I got done (and the times - I've no idea where this is coming from!).

Stats for the week still not bad given the lurgy I've been fighting;
Swim: 1hr46' 4.0km (Mon, Sun)
Bike: 2hr12' 41km (Mon, Sat)
Run: 32' 6km (Mon, Sat)
Total: 4hr 32' 51km
plus 5hours caddying!

Overall happy with that - particularly that spanking swim yesterday!

Off to work for another exciting day :o)


  1. That's some serious bike work there, girlfriend! and not too shabby in the pool either!! I should mention as well :-) We have a saying around here when we play golf. If it ain't lightning, it ain't raining. Four!!

  2. Retail Therapy....BRILIANT!!!!
    I think I might be needing some of that myself.
    Good luck with the aerobars!