Friday, May 04, 2007

Fruit and yogurt

Well that's what I'm eating for breakfast.... yummy! Really pleased it's Friday for a couple of reasons;
  1. Obviously it's the last working day of the week;
  2. I's a bank holiday weekend so no work Monday... Woohoo!
So a day actually in the office and three days off - can't be bad :o) I've had a good training week so far (ok until my thurs blip), as I'm feeling fully motivated from my La Santa experience!

Monday started the day seeing the hand man about old rightie..... Now it seems I've aggravated the wrist a bit (could it possibly be I overdid things - never, not me guv...) Anyhow, I'm pleased to say the bone seems to have healed fine but I have a bit of tendonitus in two of the tendons in my wrist. Doc suggested I rest it for 6 weeks, which I will.... in September ...after the seasons goals of completing the London Tri are done. By carrying on I shouldn't be making things worse it will just take longer to feel better. So I can put up with that. Frankly I'm just relieved no surgery is needed :o)... So went from the quack to work then scappered sharpish from there to make the 1815 spin class at the gym. I had a good workout but the instructor didn't - doesn't it annoy you when you can see daylight between their front wheel and the resistance block above it! No wonder her legs were going round so fast when my wheel was hardly moving! ;o) . Left there (after a good stretch), and went straight to the club swim session. Great to meet up with people again but the pool was not so great. I shouldn't really compare with the pool at La Santa because there really is no comparison, the water was heavily clorinated (it's a school pool), the water was just nasty. I didn't enjoy the session at all. Have since discovered one of the open water places are open on a Monday evening (whereas everywhere else is 0600-0900 and we know I'm not a morning person)... so am looking to swap my Monday club night to another day in the week and go Open instead.
Tuesday was the first day of the month, as mentioned in my last blog, this means the club meets up for a run and curry (although not at the same time!).... so off we trotted in the evening... well I plodded and the others went!! The fast boys at the club are pretty fast, and the slower people are still much faster then me. So I happily dropped off the back and got a nice 40min tempo session in - we all went down the Thames towpath from the place we met at down to Caversham (which is my home ground). So it was a lovely run, clear skies, sun setting on the way back, rowers on the Thames. Lovely. Needed a good stretch when I got back but reckoned a did a 7k in about 41 mins which is fine for me, in fact I was quite pleased :o)
Wednesday: Not wanting to let up on the momentum I'm gaining with my training I got on the bike and caught up with an episode of Alias! Very easy spinning mostly as my legs were a bit heavy from the run the night before! A fun start to the day, easy 13km in 40mins - and Sydney Bristow kicked some more arse as normal! Now here's news for the week - I managed to get a strength session in!!! Shock! Horror! so this is my first strength session I've managed in about ...oh ... 5 months!! We were given some strength sessions in La Santa which were supposed to be able to completed in 45mins.... so thought I'd give one a go.. and it didn't even take that long (well I was doing min reps and min sets). So - quality! :o) I wonder how long that'll last!? Went from the strength session to the swim. Anyhow, lucky for me it was a drills session at a much nicer (if not slightly colder) pool then Monday. We did a 400m warm-up (as usual I lost count so assume I did that!), then some lengths crawl and lengths catch-up then we went into back-scrathes and finger dragging all working on the recovery bit apparently. Before going back into some straight lengths. All in all only did 1400m in the hour session, so it was pretty easy going compared to La Santa (I'll stop mentioning those words soon!! LOL....). Assuming I can get there for 1930 each week I'll try and make this my regular club swim session.
Thursday: This won't take long... meant to go for a long easy run.. left work at 1830 and went to the pub!!!! So run didn't happen but wine did! So am going to try to get the run in at lunchtime today (will mean being disciplined and determined to leave the desk!) with a good swim session in tonight up at my club. Feel the need to do a longer swim session just getting some lengths in, but we'll see how my motivation is this evening!

So that's a bit of a lengthy blog isn't it - and not terribly exciting - but hey two blogs this month already, one more and I've already equaled last months poor effort! ;o)

Better go - the fruit and yogurt went ages ago, the cat's even cleaned the bowl out and sloped back off to bed... which I'd love to be doing but really I'd better just get to work!

Thank crunchie it's Friday!

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