Sunday, May 20, 2007

The secrets are out....

OK my parents have left the country and not at all likely to log on and read the blog. The first secret is theirs and they've now told my Nan so I think I'm ok to blog it........

Here goes........

1. Mum and Dad are getting married. Yes. I said married! No they're not renewing their vowels, they are getting married - and yes to each other!!! They've been divorced about 19 years and got back together about 2 years ago. How sweet is that! To be honest I half expected the marriage thing would happen at some point but really wasn't sure how I'd react. But I am actually really thrilled for them both. It's really, really cool. Oh and I did I mention they're getting married in the lovely Greek Island of Corfu in about 10days time!!!!

which brings me to secret #2....

2. Unbeknown to Ma and Pa my brother and I have booked flights up and taken the time off work and going to be there for the big day!!! A big secret that one. I can't wait to see their faces :o) We're going for 3.5 days and have managed to arrange flights, accommodation and transport - which is fab. Oh yeah and I had to email the wedding organiser over there to make sure they didn't get married before we arrived! So we travel May 30th and return to the UK 02 June... with their big day being Friday 1 June :o) which brings me to secret #3.....

3. Due to #2 I'm not going to make it back in time for Blenheim race :o( This was to be my first OW Tri, my third Tri ever (counting the "mini" in Lanzarote), and a good prep for London... but there are things in life which are actually more important then a race and Mum and Dad certainly count in the more important then pretty much anything category! So I'm not competing in that - but it's ok ... why???..... well...... I pleaded with the race organiser for this weekends events (2 days of Tri's about 12 waves a day in age groups), these are quite local and the distance is good (400m OW/ 20k/ 5k). So given my plea and my story he let me in to race TODAY!!!! ... which is why I'm sitting here having consumed 2 * chocolate brownies heated up with a dollup of vanilla ice cream! I did it :o)

I will write my race report tomorrow as i'm fading fast now... but it was FUN, it was GREAT, I am just THRILLED about the whole thing!

These are the things I'm particularly pleased with;
1. The swim time!!!!
2. T2 went well. Well it couldn't have been worse then T1 ;o)
3. The time, the time the time :oD
4. The post-race massage!

I'll write up tomorrow the full break down of things, now I need my sleep... zzzzzz's ...



  1. sounds like a great race experience. WoooHooo!!

    Good news about your parents. Glad you can be there for them. That is WAY more important than any race. :)

  2. Glad your race went so well. Can't wait to hear the long version :-)

  3. Wow! What an incredible weekend! I'm so excited for you about your parents. I'll make sure to keep it quiet if I see them, too. ;-)

    Can't wait to hear about your race. That's very cool that the race director was able to do that for you.

    Get some sounds like you have earned it.