Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ssshhh I'm keeping a secret (or three)....

I'm bursting with excitement.

I'm keeping three secrets at the mo - all inter-related.

I can't share them (yet!)

A couple of you know what the secrets are.........

I'm not very good at keeping secrets.

I have until Sunday to keep zipped up.... it's going to be hard!

Other things....
Open water: Why is it so cold!?! They say the lakes will start warming up soon. Well not soon enough is what I say. Another sub 16 degree swim on Monday evening chilly, but actually a really nice thing to do straight after work. Managed a 400m loop in about 9mins - which was fine given I probably did nearer 450 with all my mis-steering!!! ;o) Then I went off round the lake for a 1k swim! This was my first non-stop 1k swim ever, open or pool. So just concentrated on getting around without steering into the bank, buoys, other swimmers, ducks etc etc. A slow 24mins but again am really happy as to get the feel for the wetsuit in the water is really important right now.

I scored null points for activity Tuesday, largely due to a 7am leave to get up to London. Went around to my parents straight after on the way home and was too late to get a run in before eating. Hey ho!

Got back on the bike this morning for a 40min turbo/ alias session. Not bad 15k ride, mostly small gears and spinning with the odd big ring to entertain me. Got an episode of Alias in (of course) which was the main thing ;o) Realised after being on the bike for only 40mins (or should that be the blade - ouch) that I need to spend more time on her otherwise 40k at London in August isn't going to be done sitting down!! LOL!!!... So my training goal I've always stated is to get a regular 3hr ride in a week - better start concentrating on ramping that up then!

Planning on a run in the rain tonight - I like running in the rain, kinda makes you know you're alive!

No more blogging for now or I'll be tempted to spill the beans!!!


  1. Ahemm... I have an email address listed in my profile ;-) Nice job on the open water! I went swimming one year in Germany, during the summer, and the water was too cold for me then! LOL. I'm just a poor southern boy used to the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Once we get comfortable with the distance, speed will come.

  2. OK Wes - you've got mail!!!

  3. Sub 16!!! Why would anyone volunteer to enter the water at sub 16??? I know that the cold probably made you feel stiff, but with THAT cold, I'd move my butt.

  4. Such suspence!

    Great job on the open water swim. I'm planning my first of the year next weekend. Always takes me a couple of times to regain the comfort.