Sunday, May 27, 2007

Swan Lake

I swam with swans yesterday morning. Got up at the crack of dawn and was in the lake by 7:30am..... Not so cold in it - ah that would be because it was so cold out of it!! Yes a cool, dark, dank morning... and then there were swans. I don't think these birds could quite believe what was happening - about two dozen people flapping around in water with orange hats on - they didn't like it. It was quite amusing watching from the bank as the swans got up and charged to the odd swimmer....wings flapping, toe tapping across the water.... and then I got in and joined them..... Ek!

Luckily they had somewhat got used to us orange headers bobbing around by the time I got around to them and they just swam along with me, mainly just ahead (made me wonder what I may be tasting in the water - swan doooo?!? Eugh!)

Anyhow - the sun threatened to come out but largely it just rained. Good swim though :o) I did a lap (1k) bobbed around for a couple of minutes then decided to do another! So that was good - 2k in about 54mins including 4 mins of bobbing. Nice easy swim with lots of gliding. Happy :o)

On the way home I decided to stop off at the bike shop as my new saddle had arrived - rejoice! So I fitted this to the bike along with a new water bottle holder. I also got a new standing tire pump. Now I thought my wheels were pumped up to the full as when I pumped with the normal hand pump I couldn't get anymore air in... How wrong could I be! On attaching the new wonder pump the PSI/ Bar was about half (YES HALF) what it should have been. Blimey! So I set to adding a bit more of the old air and I can not believe the difference in the look of the tires and the feel of them. So having treated Biancha to all this love care and attention I took her out for a ride. She treated me really really well as a result. My longest solo ride, my longest road ride in the UK this year... it may have been only about 37k (done in about an hour 30 including a couple of breaks), even so I was well chuffed with that. AND my touche was still in one piece at the end. REJOICE! No longer am I sitting on a blade! :oD

Got home for the bike and went straight out for a 25min run - didn't feel too bad on that either. So hurrah for Saturday training! :o)

Got to shop today for a dress to wear to the wedding of the year this Friday. Have a great dress I'm borrowing from a friend at work - that sounds like I don't have any dresses... well I do (kind of), it's just the ones I do own are a bit too formal and I want something summery and light (which I have none of!)... ... So I'm going to see if I can buy one safe in the knowledge I do have a really good back up if I can't find anything (and a girl never turns down the opportunity for retail therapy).


  1. Swimming with the Swans is cool, provided you don't get beat up ;-) Cool new saddle too!

  2. Great job with all the workouts! I don't know anything about swan dooo, but I once swam into a two-foot long dead fish in a race (yuck!!)

    I bet that bike is a lot faster now...and a whole lot more comfortable. The saddle looks really cool!

    All the best to you and your parents on their upcoming wedding.

  3. Saddle looks comfy. Happy bums stay on bikes longer. LOL.

  4. What a difference new stuff makes. Sounds like a great swim. I need to get on it.