Friday, May 11, 2007

Things that go meeoooowww in the night

I'm asleep

I noise disturbs me

My brain and ears wake (my eyes stay shut)

A cat; triumph in it's voice.


I sleep

I get up this morning to find left overs in the hall - I'm not sure what he caught, I assume a mouse. Luckily I'm not feeling too queasy this morning! I only hope he hasn't found a nest and this was a lucky kill or I'm in for a few weeks of mousing!

Some people have pets which help them train - I have a cat who generally sleeps with the occasional "moment" of excitement attacking a toy or catching live prizes from the wood!

Oh and I think I'm feeling better :o) ... back to it!


  1. Well, our cats were always nice enough to leave their kills on the back porch :-) Everybody needs a new shot of mojo once in a while. Hope the zzzzzz(s) finally caught up with ya!

  2. My cats are bringing them in the bedroom window at the moment - alive! Then they chase them around the bedroom. Great fun at 3am.

  3. Hey MikeyB when Muffin brings live ones in he does (thankfully) tend to leave them downstairs. About 10mins of him and I chasing down the mouse then ensues before I give the mouse flying lessons out of the back door towards the forest!! Great to see you're in London, I'm on the day after you I think! Ek!

  4. I have a cat and two Lab Retrievers. The cat stays indoors but don't tell her that. She still stalks our feet at night. No midnight trips to the bathroom or you'll find leftovers of your calf and foot the next morning.

  5. EEeewwwwwwww.

    My cats stay inside, so when they have a kill, i'm usually pretty thankful that they got it, but eeeewwww