Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Walk On"

Liverpool F.C. are playing in the European Champions League final tonight. As a life long Liverpool fan it's not hard to know which team I'll be supporting!

Post Tri recovery has been going well. Did an easy swim up at the gym Monday night. Had sort of planned to do an OW but it was miserable outside and frankly I was pooped. So thought heading to the local pool with a set of flippers would be a better way to recover. The session went something like this;
W-UP: 200m, 50m Kick
3 Sets (with flippers): [50*C-up, Ftip, L/R arm, Doggy Paddle, 100*Sculling]
W-Down: 200m, 50m Whatever
Total of 1400m in 40mins

With a view to getting on the bike more often, and as it was a lovely evening, I got on the bike last night 14km in 32'. Tried to stay in easier gears but keeping my cadence above 90 (apart from the hills - ok small slopes) as I figured I need to get my legs spinning faster as well as stronger to improve the bike time. So not a hard workout but a learning one, and anyhow I'm still in recovery :o)

That's it for now - should just leave you with this song which will no doubt be reverberating around the Olympic Stadium in Athens tonight - come on Liverpool!

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  1. I'll be cheering on Liverpool! They are my second fav after Man U :-) I know, so commercialized and "American"! LOL. but I {heart} futball!!!