Thursday, June 07, 2007

Can someone do my training for me???


So I finally succumbed to the "bug" and not wanting to ignore my Mum and Dad (god forbid, I may be 37 but still...) I took the day off sick today and slept. Got some antibiotics from the quacks yesterday so hope they will start to kick in soon! Good advise from Mother has led me to also take some of my asthma spray, which I avoid usually as I'm stubborn and don't actually believe I get asthma... humm...anyhow that seems to have also helped the chest. The good news is that the cough seems to be drying up some what (ok too much info!!)

Can someone please do some training for me?? ;o) It's been over a week now and really want by beans back (energy beans that is!!!)

I have done some mental training (oh and potential retail therapy on ebay). Have thought about how to get out of my wet suit pdq (apparently I heard on the radio the other day that thinking through this kind of activity still trains your brain into thinking you've done it so it's as good as practicing ... humm.. yes I'm not sure about that one either). I did also think about putting my aerobars on my bike - but that's as far as that one got.

Having tried to get over this bug with a healthy, full of fruit and veg diet over the weekend, Mon/ Tues I have now resorted to the chocolate diet with toast and cheese - I think it'll help!!! ;o)

My next Tri is in 2 weeks but before that I plan on watching the great Windsor triathlon 17 June - which looks like a super race and is pretty local. The swim is in the river Thames, the cycle and run are all around Windsor taking in some routes right by the castle which will be cool. Think I'll cycle down as I've just looked and it's only 25kms away so that'll be a nice ride - watch - ride day :o) Look forward to meeting up with Jules and Sheila (tri buddies met at La Santa).... So yes Jules I'll come and support you down there buddy :o)

Think I meant to blog something else but have quite forgotten what!

Happy days everyone - I'll be back to my old self soon I'm sure - just need to find them beans!


  1. Awwwww. Sorry to hear the bug got worse before it got better. I can't wait to watch my first tri too. I wanna be on the outside looking in for that one :-) Get better soon!

  2. Jules1:14 pm

    It will be worth coming down to see my Windsor swim for entertainment value! Will be wearing pirates gear so easy to spot on the bike/run. Get yourself well immediately!

  3. Too bad about your bug. Its funny how we get wrapped up in other people's lives. Most of which, we've never met, just share a common lifestyle (I was going to say hobby, but you know tri is more than that). I'm going to make it a point to meet (in person) my fellow bloggers.

  4. Thank you so much for commenting! It's nice to meet other triathletes!

    Sorry about your bug. I hate being sick. It's the worst, especially when you can't train!

  5. Sorry that you're under the weather. Hope you kick that bug quickly!!!

  6. I hope you're feeling better soon! Your body needs to get rested up for your training and racing!

    Enjoy Windsor, sounds like a good time.